Many motorists do not realise that to-days modern cars last a lot longer than the cars of the 60s and 70s, the time period when I was a mechanic.

Servicing at regular intervals is very important

Car owners just do not understand the importance of regular servicing on their cars. Regular servicing should not be taken for granted even in times of recession. The least that should be done is  regular engine servicing (oil and filter) and a regular brake check, although this is no substitute for the correct recommended service schedule for your car service.

If you have an older car that is on conventional oil you should change the engine oil at about 4 to 5000 mile intervals, if your engine runs on synthetic oils then the oil change intervals are wider say 10 to 15000 mile intervals. I find the best path to follow is to look at manufacturers recommended servicing intervals. The cost is not too expensive a regular oil and filter change on a small car could be as little as £59.90 all inclusive. If you call Pellon Autocentre in the Halifax area of West Yorkshire you can get an instance quote for your make and model of car.

Always try keep your eye on the cooling system, if you have an older car and you do not the history of your cooling system you should have the system flushed out and renew the coolant, but always check the levels and have a strength test done to the antifreeze level before Winter arrives.

When you have service done on your car ask the autocentre to change your tyres round from back to front, this was always done in my time as a mechanic, but for some reason the practise has drifted away. I think it is a good idea to carry on with the practise and have your wheels changed round. Front wheel drive tyres only do about 15000 miles on average and the rears 30,000 miles, so by changing them round you should get a better all round mileage on you tyre wear. This will usually be done when your car is in for servicing.

You should always remember that a car that has regular servicing will last longer and will be a safer car to drive.

Pellon Autocentre offer this advice and are a Unipart service centre offering the best parts and oils, at competitive prices .They will carry out a service at the moment on cars up to 1.6 engine capacity from £100 .


Pellon is a Unipart service centre(UCCC)



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Written by Eric Roberts