Two Old Timers Call In For an MOT Test. As I have said before, that this is a great time to be involved in the auto trade. As the owner of a successful auto centre we take every day as it comes. Take yesterday (19thFeb 2014) for instance. Apart from the work that we have booked in for that day, we had a run of cars that were all affected [...]

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KIA Sedona- a bad Case of Rust -MOT Test Failure Modern cars these days rarely have major rust problems. Gong back a few years I remember some models of cars that were always rusting badly and rotting. From Italy came the Fiat Strada and the Fiat X1.9 and some of the Lancias were rust buckets. France also sent us some rusty cars; I remember one of the first Renault Dauphines [...]

Range Rover Sport just fails its MOT test. One of the great and interesting things about owning your own garage business is the everyday things that we come across. The most interesting thing to me is the amount of different makes and types of cars that we have come in for their tyres and servicing or an MOT test, in any given week. I love taking some pictures and writing [...]

There is no more feared appointment in the yearly calendar for a motor enthusiast than the dreaded MOT. If you’re vehicle fails its yearly MOT test then you won’t be able to attain a tax disk and therefore your vehicle will legally be unusable, so it’s kind of a big deal! If you do fail your MOT first time though, don’t throw in the towel! There’s is a 10 day [...]

Turns up for the MOT test with a massive hole in the sills When you run an MOT test centre, we see all sorts of things on the cars that we test. In general motorists are very good and the majority look after their cars. We do however the opposite end of the scale and are presented with cars that are dropping to bits. The majority of cars fail on [...]

Unlike an MOT test, servicing is not a legal requirement for your vehicle. However, you will probably find that regular servicing can help to keep everything.   eric roberts‘s insight: We all must be responsible for our cars servicing and MOT test Sometimes I find it a great shame that we in the motor trade have to keep harping on about servicing your cars. One of the biggest spoilers in [...]

Anybody who owns a car will have one date every year that sticks in their mind and starts to make them feel nervous the closer it gets, the MOT Test. This date is the yearly test known as the MOT test  and it will ultimately decide whether you can continue to drive your vehicle as it is or whether it needs essential maintenance carried out in order to make it [...]

Like most garages and MOT testing stations we have pretty normal clientele, Bringing in their cars for their annual,  VOSA,  MOT test. We test most type of cars from nearly new to Our MOT test her in Halifax UK are usually pretty straight forward ? .We test from normal type cars to vintage Rolls-Royces. We are situated here in the foothills of the Pennine hills, a sort of old market [...]

  We have all seen the cheap “MOT TEST” signs outside garages. As the owner of an MOT test centre I am amazed at the number of garages giving away MOT Tests. The official mot test fee should be £54.85 (no vat), as stated on the web-site. This fee is only a recommended charge to be used by garages, based on the time and equipment that it should take [...]

Low tyres tread and air pressure lead to tragic fatal accident – Etyres Etyres A teenager died after his car span off the road and into a tree, just hours after it passed its MOT despite the tread of the tyres being close to illegal.   eric roberts‘s insight: MOT test- tyres  should be checked more rigorously  to keep up with modern motoring trends. In my opinion the tyre rules [...]