However, a demand for the right tyres online may not necessarily guarantee a supplier, given that there is imperfect information at local garages and their tyre stocks. Would you spend precious time scouring for a garage to replace a … Eric Roberts says… Buying your tyres online could lead to a nightmare “Buying your tyres online could lead to a nightmare. You really should know exactly what you are ordering, so [...]

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Buy Tyres online at Compare tyre prices across all the top tyre brands and buy tyres online to save. (#Goodyear #EfficientGrip #tyres put to the test.   eric roberts‘s insight: Tyres Online Internet companies tyre prices are leveling out Prices in the biggest internet tyre companies are now leveling out. One of the reasons for this in my opinion is the fact that local tyre companies are now competing [...]

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check your tyres hi ! newbie here on PH, my first post of many – so here goes – after reading the thread on ‘do you wait till 1.6mm before changing your tyres’ i decided to check my treads on my 2010 997.2 turbo cab, they are…   eric roberts‘s insight: This is always good advice” check your tyres”   Here in the UK and most of Europe it [...]

Hundreds of drivers’ tyres damaged by metal shards on road Aberdeen Evening Express POLICE were today investigating after hundreds of drivers had their wheels damaged with metal shards on a North-east road.   eric roberts‘s insight: Low tread on this tyres caused the problem ? The tyre in the picture is not much above the legal limit, and would have added to the motorists problem by picking up more of [...]

Some parts of your car are just nice to have, many of them are necessary, but when it comes to safety your tyres are among the most important parts of your vehicle. The palm sized piece of rubber that comes into contact with the road keeps you alive, and, if it fails, can put you in big trouble. In the UK, the law requires that the tread on your tyre [...]

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Most people, even motoring enthusiasts, will consider tyres maintenance a bit of a bore.   It’s usually a job we get told needs doing to pass an MOT test, and will cost X amount to get done. Most people give their tyres little more thought than that. Tyres though are one of the most underrated components on your car. They can affect your speed, grip, handling, performance, fuel economy and [...]

This will teach me to use old tyres.   eric roberts‘s insight: Were these old part worn tyres? I am not sure if this guy bought this tyre as a part worn tyre or it was just an old tyre laying around, and he thought he would use it. However it is a lesson learned that tyres are not to be messed with, my advice would be to stay [...]

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Your car tyres are a fundamental component of your vehicle and really should be something you look after and take care of. Much like everything else though, they do not last forever and as such need regularly replacing. Whether this is every year or every few years, will really depend on your driving style, your commute, how much you use the car and so on. When it comes to replacing [...]

If you own a vehicle you will, at some point, need to look into replacing tyres - especially if you want to stay safe and on the right side of the law. It’s a fact of life. As much as we would all like to imagine that a set of tyres will last us the entire life of our car, unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Tyres – as with [...]

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Tyres are becoming more complicated Tires that are worn or too old can cause a serious safety hazard This is why replacing your tires at regular intervals is very important to the safety and performance of your vehicle (How Do I Know I Need New Tires?   eric roberts‘s insight: This is one of those tyres that  really does need replacing Tyre replacement has now become a very important subject. [...]