Post Updated 26th Dec 2013   Matrac X 4×4 marshal tyres lead the way  Marshal tyres  Matrac X3 is the cornerstone of their 4×4 tyre range. The Matrac KL17 Marshal tyre range is produced for the top SUV vehicles and goes up to the top speed ratings of “y” and also includes “XL” fitments. Other patterns in the Matrac range include the KL12 and the road venture tyres the [...]

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  Post Updated 23rd Dec 2013 Customers are still not sure which 4×4 tyres to choose This article is a follow up from one that I did a few years ago. One of the problems that we have at Pellon tyres, comes from the owners of 4×4 vehicles who are not sure which or what tyres to fit to their vehicles. In our area ofHalifax in the Pennine foothills, we [...]

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Post Updated 22nd Dec 2013 Kumho Road Venture MT 4×4 tyres And The New Kumho KL7  Pellon tyres from Halifax  in West Yorkshire consider this 4×4 tyre as one of the best value mud-terrain type 4×4 tyres on the market today. This 4×4 tyre was designed for the maximum off-road performance but also adapts to all sorts of other “extreme terrains” giving the driver of the vehicle full confidence. The [...]

  Post Updated 20th Dec 2013 There’s probably nothing wrong with the normal tyres on your 4×4 vehicle? Try 4×4 tyres The tyre manufacturers have worked closely with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure that the best level of performance and comfort can be achieved in the tyres that they provide. Most motorist spends most of their time on the normal tarmac roads, the tyres fitted to a vehicle at the [...]

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Post Updated 17th Dec 2013 Changing your 4×4 tyres can lead to a whole new experience There is probably nothing wrong with the with the tyres that were fitted as original equipment to your 4×4 vehicle. The companies that make these vehicles link together with tyre manufacturers in both research and development , to create 4×4 tyres to suite your vehicle. The product that they choose will be of one [...]

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Michelin tyres Exceptional SUV tyres Pellon tyres recognise these Michelin tyres for their exceptional handling, wet and dry cornering and comfort that are important features of this high performance SUV tyre. This tyre from perhaps the “Worlds” leading tyre manufacturer is a major step forward in tyre design and performance. If you are looking for a top class product for your 4×4 or SUV then look no further than the [...]

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  Eric Roberts at Pellon Tyres Halifax West Yorkshire looks at Enduro 4×4 tyres  Enduro HT 4×4 Tyres These 4×4 tyres are a very popular choice for 4×4 vehicle market. Pellon tyres can offer this tyre online at a very competitive price , indeed this price will often beat the price of remould tyres in the same market. The HT is predominantly a road tyre with just enough off-road ability [...]

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4×4 drivers are getting far better at choosing the correct 4×4 tyres for their vehicles. With the addition of SUV drivers the market has become much more difficult on deciding which tyres to buy and which time of year to change. This time of year we are approaching Winter time and it would be advisable to buy tyres with a stronger tread pattern to help cope with the weather ahead. [...]

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Post updated  8/3/2014 Your 4×4 tyre mark guide 1* Tyre size marking. 235/85R16 2* For exterior sidewall markings for “Asymetric” tyre fitting markings.The 4×4 tyre has an inside and an outside and must be fitted the correct way round. 3* Load Pressure information, this tells you the correct information about the load /pressure for your size of 4×4 tyre. 4* Manufacturers or brand name ie Dunlop/Falken/Goodyear. 5* Construction details for [...]

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Kumho 4×4 tyres are “Max Trax” tyres This superb tyre form Kumho was specially developed for maximum traction. The tyre was master minded for the light truck and drivers of Jeeps, pick-up trucks and sports utility vehicles(SUVs). This tyre is one of the best Kumho 4×4 tyres on the market and is well worth looking at if you think that you will need tough tyres in tough conditions, ideal for [...]