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Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres Fitted on this Lotus Elise Owner Insists

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres help to stabilize the Lotus Elise

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres

Dale fitting 2 x Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres to a lotus Elise

For a number of years now I have been proud to own my very own garage and tyre centre. I say this because despite all the moaning’s that go on over the years. Regarding “things changing” and “if this and if that”. Of course,we still carry on doing what we are best at. This in my opinion, and includes a great mix of different types of customers, making my job much more interesting.


Importantly, every one that comes through the door are different. Requiring many different things. Let’s face it most people who drive cars, just don’t want to spend any money on them. With the exception of a few drivers ! Who seem to know exactly what they want. Reluctantly, though when their car breaks down or requires new tyres. Customers regard this as a distress purchase.

I would say that at least half of our customers are in this category. Especially in recent years when the economy of most countries has been stretched to say the least ! So, many consumers are watching their finances more than ever. A good example is the recent upsurge in the sale of part worn tyres., I am sure that drivers know exactly what they are. But are willing to take the cheaper option and the safety risks that go with them. We have also noticed that our clients that are buying tyres are opting for the budget tyre option.

Mid range tyre sales drop

One of our main suppliers have recently complained to me that their sales of their Mid-Range Tyres have fallen in the summer months. But it is not “rocket science” . Understanding that this is the school holiday season. Of course, people are paying for their summer holidays or spending their disposable income on days out with the kids. Certainly buying tyres is the last thing on their minds. The customers that are buying tyres are usually the distress purchases and these are the ones that go for the Cheap New Tyres.

This is not a new thing, it happens every year ! But the affect does depend on the economy and peoples disposable income. The same affect has given rise to upsurge in shoppers using budget super markets like Lidl and Aldi. This has been price driven by the consumer’s lack of spare cash. This is a bonus for these outlets because shoppers are finding out that the cheaper products on offer are also of good quality and so in my opinion the big supermarkets will lose out to the smaller cheaper guys for good.

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres

new Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres fitted to lotus Elise 2

At the other end of the market stores like M&S food are also doing well by selling the better quality products in packages and deals, making the customers purchases hard to resist. We in the tyre business should take notice of this and become sharper at the selling end. We find the mid-range brands are a bit slow to react apart from complaining that sales are down, but in my opinion they should give the retailers a better package, to pass onto the motorists and help lift their sales.

The larger names in tyres are still hanging on

Of course, the brand names in tyres will always survive ! Partly due to the following that they command. So, the one I am most thinking about is Michelin. This great tyre company have always been renowned for the quality of their products. Having been the benchmark for other companies to follow. The largest tyre company at the moment is Bridgestone. Consequently, who have also gained a reputation for quality and design over the past years. It is always nice to hear when a customer calls in for tyres such Michelin’s or Continentals fitting onto their cars. It is a much easier job for us when the driver knows exactly what he or she wants. But it is all within the diversity of our customer and products range.

This brings me onto a car that we had in on the other Saturday. The car in question was a Lotus Elise and the guy knew exactly which tyres he wanted fitting. They were 22545×16 Yokohama UK ADO 8R tyres to the rear of the car. This little sports car is always a head turner and it has this effect on me, when I see one I always take a second look. This little car is very light and is able to accelerate at 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds. Because of the light weight of the car this improves the road handling including steering, cornering and braking.

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres

Michelin tyres have always been a popular choice for many motorists

When I had a quick word with the owner he explained how good these Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres were. Because of the cars lightness the tyres help stabilize the cars performance and give it great stability. This particular Lotus was a 97-98 model ! Although a little old now was still in great looking condition as you can see in my images. The car was first released in 1996 and was a stunning little spots car and although there have been many changes and variations the basic car has remained the same. Newer versions of the car now come with updated lead lights and alloy wheels with improved aerodynamics.

The little Lotus Elise had the new Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres fitted and went on its way. The car looked stunning with its new tyres and we will look forward to see the car when the front tyres are ready for replacing. We do get many people who call into us knowing what they want and believe me it makes life a lot easier.

Eric Roberts

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