XV31MF Batteries : Lucas XV Supreme Leisure Battery 110ah

XV31MF Batteries

X31MF, Lucas XV Supreme Leisure Battery 110ah, 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.Totally Maintenance Free.Comfortable And Robust Carry Handle., Numax, Power/Batteries


XV31MF Batteries-As a Lucas and Numax battery dealer, I know that these two batteries are made by the same company. They are both the exact same quality and are extremely reliable.

They are a twin post battery, which enables the owner to connect more than one battery to each other to give you more voltage or a higher amperage.

Both the Lucas and the Numax were specially created for the leisure market and are one of our best sellers. There has been a massive increase in the number of people buying mobile motorhomes in the past five years. These people can now travel all over Europe and so need a reliable battery that will do the job, and there is no doubt that this product is one of the best on the market.

It is also suitable for the boating and canal vessels, including narrow boats that are now a large feature of our canals and rivers here in the  UK.


XV31MF Batteries are probably the number one leisure battery

In the early days of caravanning, electrics were not much of a necessity. Gas bottles were the main source of power, TV sets were not used very much, and the motorhome market had not yet taken off here in the UK.

Countries such as Italy and France were well ahead of us, but the motor home revolution started to take off. People were buying motorhomes and all the electrical items that went with them; they really were a home from home.

The storage batteries that were used in the early days were really car and truck batteries, according to what you could afford to buy. The main part numbers used were 069,644 and 017 batteries.

XV31MF Batteries

The problem came with the increase in electrical items, Of course, including showers, TV’s . Naturally,and electric pumps for various things such as water and sewage disposal.  In my opinion. The ultimate battery for this sort of application is the AGM battery (absorbed glass mating). These batteries would charge and discharge at a much deeper cycle rate. Of course, without damaging the battery. These are the perfect battery, with one exception, the price?

The AGM batteries are very expensive, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for. These batteries will endure any normal 12volt lead acid battery, by probably five times, making the investment worthwhile.

Along came the dedicated leisure battery

Numax came up with the “leisure battery”, a sort of hybrid. This battery has thicker plates made from lead alloys.  For this reason, it gave the battery more storage capacity. These plates also meant that electrolyte did not evaporate as much. Therefore,  the battery did not require vent holes, as in the conventional screw top type of battery.

Enter the XV31MF Batteries

The next generation of batteries to come out was the XV22/26 and 31 batteries. The most powerful one is the 110 Amp XV31MF Batteries. Becuase, the later comes out with twin posts so that you can connect other things. Also, other batteries together to give you, even more, power. Both these Leisure Batteries are available in the trade names of Numax and Lucas and are available online at www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk