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Women Motorists-use cars as ‘second wardrobe’ – Telegraph

Beauty products and spare clothing are kept in the cars in case of emergency, a survey has revealed (Half of young Women Motorists #drivers use their #car as a ‘second wardrobe’ according to a recent survey @TeleMotoring


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

They sure do i think we all agree that most Women Motorists are caught out putting on their makeup. Some of them even do it while they are driving along in their cars!! well well.

Although this is not an offense on its own. Then such things as putting your make up on while driving. Including, drinking and eating food. So, comes under the heading of “CARELESS DRIVING”.

Apart from Women Motorists putting on makeup while driving , motorists can also be fined if they are caught messing around with their stereo or such other things as combing and brushing your hair . If you have one or both hands off the steering wheel while driving your car and are spotted by a police officer you can be prosecuted for careless driving. More reading…http://www.carrentals.co.uk/blog/10-illegal-things-we-all-do-when-driving.html

heavy fine can follow !

The fine for such an offense can be around the £200 mark and also comes with 6 points on your license. Of course, there will be a strong possibility that your car insurance will be increased. Because when you have been fined , you must report the offense to your insurance company. Consequently, they could increase your premiums. Significantly, the offense of careless driving, (according to the DVLA) . Importantly, means that you were not in total control of your car. So, is considered to be a serious offense resulting in a fine and points.Women Motorists

Only the other week I observed that a Women Motorists. In my rear view mirror in the car  behind me.  Frighteningly, was putting her make up on. While we were stood at some traffic lights. Subsequently, when the lights changed to green ! She was still putting her makeup on and missed the green light ! I could hear the cars behind her hooting at her but she just carried on with what she was doing.


Eric Roberts

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