Winter Tyres-4x4 Tyres

Winter Tyres-4×4 Tyres-A comparison to investigate which is the best? – from Auto Express

Winter Tyres-4×4 Tyres

Winter Tyres-4×4 Tyres

Britain could face a particularly harsh winter this year. Hence, with snow falling from as early as this November. Therefore, if you’ve got a four-wheel drive car, you probably think you’re car is safe to use in snow and slushy conditions. Or is it?

Auto Express a well renowned and trusted motoring magazine.Went up to Tamworth Snowdome. Thus, to find out if a regular front-wheel drive family car that was fitted with winter tyres. Has more traction in the snowy conditions, than a 4×4 vehicle fitted out with summer tyres . The auto magazine used two Ford Kugas. Naturally, both with the same 2.0-litre diesel engines with manual gearboxes. Of course, one of the vehicles is front-wheel drive, and the other vehicle all-wheel drive. naturally, the 4×4 Ford Kuga costing much more than the normal family saloon.

One of the problems with summer tyres is that the rubber compound gets harder and less grippy in cold and snowy conditions. Of course, winter tyres are equipped with a much softer compound. because the tread pattern that’s designed to pick up snow and slush. Then this improves the tyres grip in extreme cold and snowy conditions.

Accordingly, the front-wheel drive car on summer tyres was not very good in the snow .The car was then fitted with winter tyres.Naturally, the car gripped better in the snow with an all-round better performance. However, they also tested the 4×4 kitted out with summer tyres.So the results could surprise you.

Tamworth Snowdome used to test out Winter Tyres-4×4 Tyres

With winter tyres. The normal Kuga went 110 metres up the slope. While the 4×4 car only made it 13 metres up. Before sliding back down 9 metres.In the end. It ended up no further than the standard did with summer tyres.We also tested the four-wheel drive Ford Kuga with winter tyres – and the difference was astonishing. There was plenty of grip and the car drove all the way to the top of the steep ski slope without a problem.

Obviously, the best solution for driving on snow is to have a 4×4 on winter tyres – without the right rubber, a 4×4 is just as useless as a two wheel drive car.

Having four-wheel drive won’t help with braking, though – and that’s much more important.

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