Wheel balancing Wobble-Check this out-Does your car shake out of your hands at 50MPH?

Wheel balancing Wobble

Wheel balancing Wobble


Wheel balancing Wobble

Vibrations (wobbles), are something that has been experienced by most vehicle drivers. As a result, it is something that we can all do without. A drivers life would be paradise without this sort of annoyance cropping up in one’s life. Indeed in my opinion then wheel balancing wobble, is one of the most irritating thing. Hence, that a car driver has to put up with.

Second place, probably goes to wheel alignment, or should we say mis-wheel alignment? many drivers, do not notice wheel alignment as a physical problem. Of course, that is until the vehicle starts to pull to the left or the right. Consequently, the steering wheel has to be constantly corrected to keep the car in a straight line. Most annoying?

By all means some drivers, will never experience either of these problems. Maybe, they will have the problem once a lifetime. Or perhaps not ?

What are the reasons for  Wheel balancing Wobble

Accordingly, this is a complicated explanation. Therefore, wheel balancing should be just better taken for granted as something that we will get and have to have corrected at the nearest auto centre. Whenever, we have some new tyres fitted. Usually at the point of sale. Then we have them balanced up on an electric balancing machine. Sometimes, the mechanic will let you watch him mount your tyres onto the wheels and then finish the job off on the wheel balancing machine.

The machine is usually adjacent to the tyre fitting machines. As a result, most tyre companies have a similar layout in the workshops. balancing machines these days are very accurate. For instance, they are mostly computerised and also very accurate. Moreover the balancing machine will show the operator the exact position to place the lead alloy balance weights onto the wheel rim. A good modern machine can also show the position that the weights should be fitted. So they are all on the inside of the wheel. This practise will help to keep the good looks of certain wheels on expensive cars. Hence not spoiling the wheels appearance.

Once balanced the wheels are re-fitted onto the vehicle and is then ready to go. These weights will counteract the effect of unbalance on the wheel and tyre unit.

Will  wheel balancing wobble come back again?

The answer to this is sometimes? It is possible that a balance weight may be thrown off the wheel and balancing process has to be repeated. Furthermore, your auto centre should do this free of charge. later, when the car has done a few thousand miles.Then, other causes may affect your wheel to go out of balance. This time it will more than likely be a tyre orientated problem. What is known as a “slipped belt” in the tyres construction is the likely cause. if this is the cause then the tyre is usually deemed as faulty and should be replaced with a new tyre.

Eric Roberts