What Future for your Local Garage-New technologies could mean the Death of the local garage

What Future for your Local Garage

What Future for your Local Garage; I have always regarded myself as a guy with average intelligence. One of the things that I have not been enabling to get my head round is the future of the auto industry. As the owner of a small garage and family business. I am plagued by the speed of progress in both the computer industry and the connections with the relentless drive to electrify the car industry (EV vehicles).

Here in Halifax, the UK we service all makes and models of cars. It is noticeable, however, that we need more and more diagnostic equipment to enable us to

What Future for your Local Garage

Ryan Linton carrying out an engine management check.

carry out servicing and repairs.

I am not a technical person and only understand the basics of how the modern car engine and emission controls are connected and work. A computer system now runs Today’s modern cars. Car engineers had to come up with a system that transformed the combustion engine into a leaner and more fuel efficient cleaner vehicle.

The system that we now use enables us to connect to the cars computer with a connector. This is known as the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD). The OBD is the multi-pin port that is used to connect our equipment to your car’s computer, and it will read any code faults that mat exists. Then the necessary faults can be read and then rectified.

What Future for your Local Garage


At the moment all garages are protected by laws, here in the UK and the USA, this is as long as we are trained and can use the equipment. Car manufacturers will by law have to give any new and relevant information out to the rest of the industry.

Up to now, I have seen no problems. Except that, we always have to update our machines to keep up with changes made by the car manufacturers. I suppose you could say that this is just progress?

We all know that the speed of the internet and mobile applications such as phones and satellite navigation systems have developed. Well, this where the auto industry sector will be developing shortly.

Furthermore, the new word is now “telematics” and the possibility of linking it with other things to do with ways of reading your cars computer information, through wireless means.

Telematics are now used in the black box’s that are fitted to monitor young drivers and reduce their insurance premium. As a result, these black boxes can inform the insurance company of everything that the car has been doing. A sort of spy in the cab.

Most of all, this technology along with a new system of monitoring the cars security will be known as the  Vehicle Station Gateway (VSG). This VSG along with Unified Gateway Protocol (UGP), will do exactly that?

What Future for your Local Garage

This new concept will be able to link your car to any designated garage with the correct equipment. As a result, this will support driverless cars and also intelligent transportation systems. Full information will be available, about the condition of your car. Including, where you have been and where you are going. This knowledge will be available to more that one organisation. It will not surprise me if this is not coordinated to deal.  With terrorist movements as we will all be tracked when driving around.

Consequently, our only chance for survival as a small garage will be if the special tools become affordable. Furthermore, it will be important for the law to support us so that we will be able to keep up with the new technologies that will be bombarding us.

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