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Weather Affects Car Brakes-Affected-By Weather-So look out for Rusty Brakes This Spring –

Weather Affects Car Brakes

Weather Affects Car Brakes

On Thursday, April 9, U.S. safety regulators warned drivers in states where salt is used to melt snow and ice on roads to get their brakes checked for corrosion.

This is an excellent article about something that people do not think about?

Car Brakes Affected weather conditions can have on your vehicle in winter, especially your BRAKES/Car Brakes Affected by Weather

Car brakes and inclement weather don’t mix

This was an interesting article to read. It reminded me of one of the fundamentals of being a car owner. Brakes and tyres are probably the two most important safety aspects of your vehicle. It is vital that you look after both with great care. Any problems with these two parts of your car could mean disaster.

I was almost a victim of an accident. Due to having faulty brakes on my car. Consequently, and been a garage owner. I must admit that I was probably guilty of neglecting my car.

The incident happened on a return trip from “Blackpool“, (a seaside resort in Lancashire UK).

I began to press the braking pedal and to my horror the brakes would not stop? Some pedestrians had just finished crossing the road, but the car would not stop. Fortunately for me, I had slowed down using my gears and so was not travelling at great speed. My friends did not know what was happening until I had to swerve onto a wide pavement (walkway) to avoid some children who were about to cross the crossing from the other side.

Luckily the pavement was clear, and I slowly came to a halt. This was Easter time, and my vehicle had not been touched throughout the winter period. We were all in a state of shock and

Car Brakes Affected by Weather

Excellent new discs fitted after the winter.

Decided to leave the car and get a coffee to calm us down.

Car Brakes Affected

When we returned to the car I tried the brake pedal and they seemed to work alright. So I decided to limp home and to use the gears to slow down before I braked. To say that I was a mechanic! Then I felt stupid that this could have happened to me and my car?

The first thing I did after the bank holiday was to ask my boss if I could remove the wheels and check out my brakes. On inspection, I found that the brake shoe calipers had seized up and had locked them on. The thing is that I should have checked the brakes myself after the winter. I changed the oil and filter and checked my tyre pressures and inspected them for cuts and cracks, but I took the Car Brake Pads for granted, thinking they would be alright.

This is the point of my story drivers should have their brakes checked out after the winter period and their Car Brakes Affected by Weather. The roads in the UK are covered in salt, dirt and slush when the weather gets bad, and this can enter the brake drums and caliper area and corrode the moving parts. We all know that the winter weather has a toll on moving parts, this is when door locks break and exhaust pipes drop off, all do to corrosion due to the climatic conditions.

Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts