Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes- Could be used in “Hurricane Defenses” ?

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes;British scientists come up with a waste tyres solution

 When the Waste Tyre Collection  problem first raised its ugly head, many of our top scientists were banging their heads together, to look for solutions to the problem of waste tyres and

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes;Many other uses can be found for your old tyres including these tyre planters.Free Tyre Disposal UK

new technologies to try and solve the problem of processing them, were designed and built.

These included many different types of tyre shredding machines, that stripped out the steel belts in old tyre in order to re-use it and the shredding of the old tyre carcass into small particles to use in many applications such as additives to tarmac for play and road surfaces and many other uses for the Scrap Tyre Disposal.

One of the suggested uses was to weave the tyres out at sea to break down the wave action that pounded away at our coast lines. Here in the UK we were having bad problems on our East coast with miles of coastline eroded away into the North sea a many perfectly good homes were washed

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes;Tyre piles like this could soon be protecting the USA against Hurricanes ?

away in strong Easterly wind whipping up the sea and eroding the coastline, similar ,but not as severe as the hurricane (Hurricane Sandy) that devastated the USA coastline.

 British marine engineers develop waste tyres to mix Ocean temperature

 This new idea for Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes is of a similar theme to the original developments regarding protecting the coastline in severe weather, by using waste tyres, this time out at sea and not near the land.

This Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes idea has also interested the famous Bill Gates, who has joined a British team of marine engineers Nathan Myhrvold and Stephen Salter. The team are to patent the idea of joining thousands of waste tyres tied together and fixed together on giant plastic tubes that would be placed into the deep ocean.

The waste tyres and tubes would force the warm water to the surface from the deep ocean. This affect would mix the warm water with the colder water near to the surface. The result of this would be to reduce the water temperature so that hurricanes would not form.

 Waste tyres would be placed in “Hurricane alley”

Bill Gates will give the British engineers his complete backing to the idea and sees it as a viable proposition and an inexpensive way of solving a very costly problem while at the same time ridding the World of millions of waste tyres.

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“hurricane alley,” the part of the Atlantic where most of the most dangerous storms develop.

The idea, which was first proposed by Salter post-Katrina, was picked up by Myrvold’s company, Intellectual Ventures, and backed by Gates.

There is an urgent need for hurricane suppression devices since seven of the ten most devastating storms to hit the United States have occurred in the last eight years.

More money is needed for research and development, but certainly if such a device has a chance of saving lives and averting property damage on a massive scale, it deserves a try. The government and private investors have spent money on much less urgent causes.

Scenes like this in New York may be a thing of the Past due to waste tyres ?More reading…

“When we first heard Gates was behind this, we made the assumption that it was going to be something very advanced by using computers to somehow simply better predict when the hurricane would come inland and exactly where it would land. However, we found that it is actually as simple as using some tubing and old tires”…http://maboot.com/new-technology-could-stop-hurricane-damage/

This article was compiled by Eric Roberts…www.pellonautocentre.com

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