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Warming your Car

Warming your Car

There’s a belief out there that, particularly on a cold day, you’ve got to warm up your car for several minutes before heading off. You don’t.

Warming your Car

I am not sure about which side of the fence I am on. Hence, about running your car engine on a cold morning. Of course there are different reasons why we should or should not run the car on a cold morning before using the car. Therefore, I think that I should start at the beginning. Thus, with security?

Hundreds if not thousands of cars are driven away by thieves, every winter. So it depends on the area where you live. I live in a very sheltered area. Naturally, it is nice and quite and I feel safe enough to run my engine for ten minutes on a freezing cold morning. As a result, be careful about where you do run your engine. As far as I am concerned, if you are in a safe area then it should not be a problem.

Another consideration, should be the environment. A car stood still with a cold engine, will emit dangerous gases. As a result of the engine ticking over and running fast enough to burn off the gases. Especially in your garage. Therefore this is a definite NO. Please do not run a cold car in an enclosed area such as your garage. A third reason is that continuously running a cold engine will wear your engine away quicker. Although this is not calculable, the experts say it does. So who am I to argue. Because I am a garage owner, then I am not an expert on engine performance at different temperatures.

So look at this article and make up your own mind about warming your car ?

Eric Roberts.

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