VW polo-Broken Spring Problem Cured-Customer thought that the wheel studs were loose?

VW polo-Broken Spring

VW polo-Broken Spring; One of our customers came to us recently with a slight knocking sound coming from somewhere on his car. The car was a VW Polo and made in 2004. Our customer was new to the area, and this was his first visit to us. The guy came with a recommendation from one of his family members.

He explained certain things to us over the phone. We asked him to bring the Polo to us for inspection. The car was bought with a reasonable 29000 miles on the clock and was in good condition.

The brake disc and pads had been replaced at 32000 miles. After that, he had trouble with the wheel studs coming loose. He said that the noise was very similar to the noise that he could hear now.

The guy was from the north London area of the UK and was visiting family in the Halifax Uk area.before his journey north he had fitted, a new set of four tyres;

VW polo-Broken Spring

VW Polo new spring fitted and ready to go.

this was at 33,500 miles and just before the MOT test was due.

On his way north, he had called to see a friend in the Nottingham area and this is where the knocking noise had begun. The thoughts in his mind to back to the wheel stud problem a few months earlier. He called into a local garage in Nottingham and had the wheel studs checked for the correct tightness.

They were fine, and he carried on with his journey north.

VW polo-Broken Spring

Much as, like many other cities in the UK, Nottingham had its fair share of potholes in the roads. First of all, he did remember going down one particular bad hole but thought nothing of it.

The slight rattling noise was still haunting him as he headed up to Halifax. He was convinced that it was a wheel stud problem? He drove the Polo very Carefully, not exceeding 60 MPH, on the M1 motorway.

He told us that he had turned the radio volume high to try and drown out the noise.

Consequently, Ryan Linton our service manager, road tested the Polo and then lifted the car up onto one of our ramps for inspection. Furthermore, was the problem easy to spot? It was a broken spring. Simple? The spring had probably broken when the guy had run into the hole in the road in Nottingham.

Finally, we fitted a new spring, and the happy customer went on his way.

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