Vauxhall Vectra suffers Catalytic Convertor MOT failure

One of the advantages of having a car main dealer (franchise) in your area is that you always get spin off work. This is mainly when the cars are three year old and

vauxhall vectra

Vauxhall vectra in for an MOT Test

ready for their first MOT Test. This particular Vauxhall Vectra was a little older than three years and looked in good condition.

The owner was an old customer of ours and booked his car in on our online MOT booking system, .

The Vauxhall Vectra looked in good condition,

but the guy said that the car was giving off a rattling sound when going over bumps and the noise was coming from the front. The car was presented for an MOT test, which was carried out by our service manager Ryan Linton.

Ryan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cars and his knowledge is required to sort a job out on many occasions, during a

vauxhall vectra

vauxhall vectra old catalytic converter unit removed

normal working week. The MOT went very well apart from a couple of expensive problems.

Vauxhall Vectra

The  Vectra required a new tyre on the near side front, but worse of all it failed the emissions test and required a new catalytic converter. There was also a broken spring on the off side front of the car. This would account for the rattling noise that the customer said was coming from the front.

The customer was not very happy, but he eventually came round and agreed for the work doing on his car. The new parts were ordered and were fitted by another one of my excellent staff Alex Bray.

The  Vectra had a new Apollo tyre fitted and the catalytic converter was fitted along with a new spring. The car was re-tested and the guy took is back to new car away, a happy man.

vauxhall vectra

vauxhall vectra with new shocker and spring installed ready to be re-fitted

vauxhall vectra,new shocker 3

vauxhall vectra showing the old unit before it was stripped down.

Eric Roberts