Varta Motorcycle Batteries-“Powersport” and “Funstart” Motorcycle batteries are some of the Best.

Of course Varta Motorcycle Batteries  are made by the excellent Johnson Controls

Varta Motorcycle Batteries


Unfortunately, (now sold out to another company) the largest battery company in the World. We all know what can happen if a motor cyclist loses control of his bike. Naturally, it can be serious. Factually, most bikes are fitted with normal free flow lead acid batteries. Which as we know can spill out the acid when the battery is tipped over.

Car companies such as Mazda have been fitting AGM types into their cars for a while now, especially ones that fit inside the car and under the seat. This is of course for safety purposes, so in the case of an accident the battery will not spill out the battery acid, which could make the accident even worse if the acid leaks onto the driver who may be trapped inside the cab.

Varta Motorcycle Batteries have brought out the “power-sports” range of AGM’s , which are also suitable for other powersport vehicles, such as “jet-skis” or motorcycle scrambling and other racing bikes. These provide maximum starting power and longer charge and discharge times. These  are also totally sealed and if an unfortunate event should occur, then there would be no battery acid spillage as the battery is filled with absorbed glass matting and not free flow acid. Below is a list of other benefits from fitting an AGM battery to your motorcycle.

Varta Motorcycle Batteries Battery Terminal Construction

Robust fitment to reduce corrosion and prevent acid leakage, ensuring your battery lasts longer.

Cell Connectors

The connectors join the individual battery cells together, via the plate block, creating a shorter energy path and increasing starting power.

Extra-Strong Casing and Cover Material

Special oil-resistant plastic moulded to remain stable in extreme temperatures.

Specialized Grid Design

Created for optimum conductivity; and high resistance to vibration ; essential when you’re riding off-road.

Varta Motorcycle Batteries “Funstart Batteries”

This is another development from Varta Car Batteries Online and enables a normal lead acid motorcycle battery to be turned into a GEL battery. I have added a video from Varta, that explains how to use this excellent battery product, these batteries are known as “Funstart”. We also supply Varta Motorcycle Batteries

Eric Roberts

Of course we here at Batteriesontheweb try our best to buy the correct motor cycle battery product. As a result we can off one of our best products. The Varta battery brand. Two types are offered. The Varta AGM battery comes totally sealed. Naturally, this battery comes with a one year warranty. Consequently, we also offer a Gel premium quality battery In limited sizes only. All our batteries are sent with a next working day delivery. So, to most UK postcodes. These batteries are not cheap motor bike batteries. So are Varta quality for the first time starting of your motor cycle.