Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation Keep your car Fit for the Winter

Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation;Unipart winter products for winter preparation of your car

Winter will bring you plenty of problems for your car.Consequently, as well as long frustrating moments in the morning due to car troubles. Therefore, you should consider a Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation.Especially, well before the winter season.Thus, in order to avoid the troubles that could affect your car. The adverse road conditions during winter will cause delays.Hence, and could leave you stranded. Naturally, the cold weather during the winter will increase your risks.Especially, of winter related problems when traveling. A little preparation on your car before the winter. Will help you to take off a big headache from your mind during the season.

  • Pay attention to your antifreeze:Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation
  • The antifreeze plays an important role of your car’s protection against a cold climate. A normal car consists of a solvent that has 50 percent water and 50 percent antifreeze in it. These percentages can vary with different temperatures.The colder the climate the less the antifreeze should be diluted.So you should pay some extra attention to them before the winter. If you do not have the mechanical knowledge to check it, you can take your car to the local Unipart (UCCC) service center. Then the mechanics in the service center will check it for you using a special hydrometer and you won’t have to pay them any money as it is a free service. The mixture should be at its full level and if your car has any problems, such as a leaking radiator then the mechanics will repair it for you.

    Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation Inspect the tyres:

  • You can gain plenty of advantages by having good winter tyres on your car. We recommend Apollo winter tyres. A good set of tyres will assist you to travel on the winter roads without any issues. The condition of the roads change during winter and it is a must for you to have a good set of tyres to get rid of the snow and rain on road. The depth and the pressure of the tyre should be in optimum level. The freezing air particles contract during the winter season and that will reduce the pressure of your tyres. So, it is a must for you to check the condition of your tyres before winter. If possible buy winter tyres or pop into your local Unipart depot for a free tyre check.
  • Check your battery condition:
  • Your battery has the ability to perform many operations on your car. You will need to use some extra power from your car during the winter months because of the long dark nights and freezing weather and a good quality battery will assist you with that. Therefore you should make sure that your car battery is performing at a healthy condition before the winter. Once again your local Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation, Autocentre will be able to give a free battery health check. Batteries can also be bought online at www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk
  • Replace your wipers use the best quality Unipart wipers:
Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation

Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation;unipart car care centre sign

  • You will have to experience snowfalls throughout the winter season. Therefore the wipers on your car will have to do a tough job and it is recommended to replace them for a better wiping. There might be cracks in the rubber blades of your car wipers, which will cause unevenness during the winter season. Therefore you should replace them to get rid of the snow and ice during winter.
  • Unipart Car Care Centre Winter preparation Pay attention to your windscreen water fluid:

  • A lot of dirt and dust will be settled on your windscreen during the winter. Therefore you should pay some extra attention to clean them and the windshield will take care of that. However, you should maintain the washer fluid at the optimum level for the windshield to perform well. Also make sure that you have a strong solution of screen wash in your water bottle if you are not sure your local Unipart depot will check this for you free of charge. And finally always keep a can of de-icer in your car and do not go for the cheapest brand, as they are usually diluted down and you use more in the long run.


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