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UK Garage Industry Outcry

UK Garage Industry Outcry

UK Garage Industry Outcry

We all understand that we urgently need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Bringing the planet’s climate back to a normal pattern. I presume before the combustion engine was first introduced.

Since then a massive industry has evolved?the automotive industry? with billions of people making their livings from vehicles.

When our politicians, including Michael Gove?
It doesn’t take much to see that for every person driving, there is more fuel being consumed and more gases being emitted. For everyone who needs to drive, or chooses to drive, more greenhouse gases will be produced.

We have all heard the claim that green house gases is partly generated by human activity, such as driving automobiles which in turn causes global warming. Activists have lobbied congress to regulate the automobile industry to create more efficient cars. A little simple mathematical thinking can take us a long way in evaluating this problem.

The obvious implication is that an increasing population results in increasing greenhouse gas production. Increased dependency on technology results in increased greenhouse gases, even while engines become more efficient. If the number of drivers doubles, the fuel efficiency must also double, just to keep the emissions at the same level.

UK Garage Industry Outcry over 2040 deadline

The government has confirmed that it will end the sale of all new conventional petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040, as it unveiled new plans to tackle air pollution. Environment Secretary, Michael Gove said the production of diesel and petrol engined cars would stop. I just wonder if that was a play on words. After all we do not make that many cars in the UK anyway, most are imported?

This announcement has brought shock and horror to the millions of us that work in the Auto industry. As a result, I really do not think that this will ever happen past governments have made stupid promises and not been able to keep them. Consequently, I think that this is one of them? Last week we were told that many of our train lines would not be upgrading to electric.

Subsequently, diesel engine trains would still be running. Many such things come to mind. What will happen the the millions of motorhome and van owners?will they be thrown on the scrap heap?because i dont think that a electric version able to carry weight and travel any distance will be a available on a battery run car.

Over the next few months then I am sure that Mr Gove will be inundated with negatives regarding his plans from all corners of our great industry. As a result we must protest vigorously. Stopping this foolish man from carrying out his ridiculous plans. Thus ruining the Auto industry across the UK just for a healthier London.

Eric Roberts

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