New Pirelli Tyre Compound

Tyres that can talk to your car ! Yes, and here’s all the cool stuff these Pirelli tyres can do

Tyres that can talk to your car

Tyres that can talk to your car

Tyres that can talk to your car

Pirelli’s new technologically advanced tyres will be aimed at cars that don’t require human input at all. They can be connected to the Internet and don’t need human input to transfer data, instead they directly communicate with the car.

Source: Tyres that can talk to your car! Yes, and here’s all the cool stuff these Pirelli tyres can do – The Financial Express

Significantly, the great Italian tyre company, mostly now associated with formula one tyres. Hence, have come out with some new technology.

This new technology, will contain sensors that tell the driver the condition of the tyre pressures just like many cars are now fitted with ! Incredibly, the system will also do other things. Thus the tyre temperature will be shown and other important readings ! Including, the vertical load tyre wear and the location of the wear .

Smartphones can be used

So, the Pirelli system is known as “Connesso“. Significantly, this system enables the tyre information to be picked up by their smartphones. Incredibly, the driver can detect any tyre pressure loss and is even warned when the tyre tread limits are being reached. Of course, these appliances are fitted to super cars at the moment. Other advantages alloy the app locate the nearest registered tyre dealers whenever a problem is reported. So, booking the vehicle in for the tyre problem to be sorted out. Finally all the information will be shown on the drivers smartphone.

However I dont see that there will be many cars within the area of my tyre depot here in Halifax. Although it could be possible to be registered as we are a member of the European tyre network Point-S. There it may be possible to become part of the Pirelli network for their latest technological breakthrough ?

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