Tyre Safety-Millions of drivers ignore it?it is all our Responsibilities?

Tyre safety should involve checking your tyre pressures, perhaps every week.

As a tyre dealer for 40 years, the “tyre changing” trends of the British public have never really changed. It appears to me that we have always had the two camps of drivers to deal with. The first group of drivers just could not care less about their car and safety. The second group of drivers are the opposite and they do cars for their cars and the improved road safety that goes with it.

It is not just about “tyre safety”, but drivers should be more proactive with regular checks on other things such as keeping a regular check on the cars lights and the windscreen and windscreen wipers. Tyre safety should involve checking your tyre pressures, perhaps every week. You should also look out for any cuts or lumps as well as the tread depth.

The first group just want to keep their cars on the road without spending as little money as possible. As a garage owner they sometimes make me cringe?

tyre safe
This tyre was sold as a part worn and still had a nail on the inside which was wearing away at the side-wall. The people that sell these do not care a hoot about the drivers safety.

They are driving about sometimes in death traps, with little regard to other road users. This group of motorists are the ones who are most likely to spend as little as possible on cheap part worn tyres. The last thing on their minds will be tyre safety as long as it does not cost them much.

Tyre Safety

Fortunately for me, we do not see these drivers and cars very often. The only time we see these people is if we have a special offer on say MOT testing. These are the people who only spend the minimum on repairs or if their car fails the MOT test. The good guys will book their cars in for a service and a test?

We at Pellon Autocentre prefer to service our customer’s car first. This ensures that any possible MOT failure problems will be picked up before the car is tested. We believe that this is the best customer service, as we notify them about any problem that may cause the car to fail the test.

I am not sure on how we can educate the first group, who just can’t cars less about their cars safety. These are the motorists that are letting us all down. They should take better care of their cars, with more routine checks and servicing.

Tyre safety is paramount in all this, but you should see some of the tyres that we remove from our customers cars? Most of the cars are very nice cars, such as BMW’s and Mercedes, but the owners shun tyre safety and hang to their money as long as they can.

In some respects the law is to blame; drivers now get away with murder? With winter approaching just watch out for the number of cars with lights out. I call them “one eyed monsters ”driving with defective lights (even just a blown light bulb) is illegal, but the law is stretched due to government cut backs ,and so the law has better things to do and the bad guys get away with it.

Tyre safety is paramount with Tyresafe.org  attacking the problem

Tyresafe, the non for profit making safety group, recon that as many as 98% may be illegal when sold. In recent times Tyresafe have gone along to part worn tyre shops and purchased 50 part worn tyres. Out of the 50 tyres bought 98% of them were illegal and many were highly dangerous.

Tyre safety
With winter approaching it is a good time to check your tyres lights and wipers or better still have a service.

A recent tyre safety  tread depth survey. Thereby, carried out by the Tyresafe organisation. Revealed that Across Britain: 27.1% of replaced tyres were illegal (below 1.6 mm legal limit) ,66.1% of replaced tyres were illegal or borderline (2 mm and under) This amounts to a staggering 10 million tyres that are dangerous and illegal.For that reason, will be putting British motorists at risk. Or one in four cars will have an illegal tyre on their vehicle, during the year.

Many of our customers are amongst what I call the good guys. They are tyre safety conscious and have regular car servicing carried out at least once a year. This ensures good brakes and lighting and usually results in a pass on the MOT test. I do however think that tyres should now be removed at 2 mm. Not the legal 1.6 mm, but this will only come with tyre safety education.

Tyresafe are constantly making a great effort. So, by educating the tyre retailers and the car owners in all aspects of car safety and good luck to them in the future, we need dedicated professionals like them to drill home the message.

Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

Useful Links TyreSafe – www.tyresafe.org