Tyre Safety Don't Compromise

Tyre Safety Don’t Compromise-Don’t Chance It, Check It at regular intervals Safety is Paramount.

Tyre Safety Don’t Compromise

Tyre Safety Don’t Compromise

In my opinion Tyresafe.org, have been one of the most influential road safety groups in the UK. Hence, the not for profit group are constantly informing the public about tyre related safety issues. Of course, the organisation also campaign against the sale of illegal part-worn tyres. part-worn tyres are also my particular bug-bare.

The people that sell these tyres, must know that the tyres they sell are illegal. Of course, we all know the people that are doing this. naturally we will be called racists if we say anything about it. At the moment the law does not want to know. We have all seen the piles of scrap tyres pilled up outside their premises. I can remember not too long ago. When many long standing legitimate tyre retailers were heavily find for not keeping their waste tyre out of the eyes of the public.

In fact we had to buy a container to store away our waste tyres in. Therefore, before they were collected by legally licence scrap tyre companies. All this has gone to pot? I am also disgusted at the amount of taxis and private hire vehicles that i see having these illegal tyres fitted. What will it take for the law to intervene?

Tyre Safety Don’t Compromise

We in the tyre retail trade have seen this illegal tyre selling before. In fact, new tyre laws were passed in the 1990’s. These laws were introduced to make part worn tyres safer. These back street part worn are not selling tyres under this law and they should be closed down by the authorities. Tyresafe are trying to combat this by using awareness and warning the public about the problem. The law is very clear http://www.partworn-tyres.co.uk/?qards_page=the-law

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October is Tyre Safety Month. New research by Tyresafe reveals that one in four motorists are replacing their tyres after they have reached the legal minimum standards. Don’t chance it, check your tyre tread, pressure and general condition every month to stay safe on the road and avoid fines and penalty points on your licence.