Bald Tyres Can KILL !

Tyre offences-Courts convict 10,500 motorists for “CAR TYRES” Offences

Tyre offences;Convictions at a four year high for “defective”car tyres

Defective car tyre convictions in England and Wales are up year on year to a four year high in 2011. Of course compared with figures from 2010. These figures were obtained by the UK tyre safety.

Tyre offences,tyre checks

Tyre offences;West Midlands Police are regularly stopping motorists at road side checks to test the cars tyres for legality.

So, organisation known as “Tyre Safe”, retrieve the information from the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice.

Incredibly, this figure is up by more than a thousand motorists. Reflecting, the determination by motorists. Of course, to keep their cars on the road. Staggeringly, even if their cars are not road worthy! Including many vehicles with defective and illegal tyres.

Drivers with defective tyres will take all kinds of risks to avoid having to buy new tyre. But if they get caught it is a warning that the courts will lay down the law.Importantly, with “heavy hands”, if they are stopped. Especially by the Thames Valley Police with defective car committing Tyre offences. Or if the illegal tyres are spotted at the scene of an accident.

We as a tyre company are very aware that drivers are under much financial restrain. Especially, in these days of recession. However, it will cost more in the long run if you are stopped and have your tyres checked at a road side police block. Importantly,it is not in your interest to hold off buying your car tyres for too long. So, the law is clamping down and fining people. Armed with a greater use of “road side checks”.Stopping and prosecuting motorists with Tyre offences for bald or faulty car tyres.

Have your car tyres checked for free

The law states that your tyres must have 1.6 mm of tread depth across ¾ of the tread width from the centre outwards. This must cover the full circumference of the car tyre. If you are not sure about what you are looking for you! Of course, you can call into your friendly tyre dealer for a free tyre check. This is important because you could face a fine of up to £2500 and have 3 penalty points deducted for each defective and Tyre offences car tyres.

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