Tyre Care Tips for How To Take Care of Your Tyres (if your a racing driver)

Tyre Care Tips

Tyre Care Tips

Tyre Care Tips for Taking Care of Your Tyres

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The pressure is on: Do you know the proper pounds per square inch, or psi, to which you tires should be

Tyre Care Tips,yokohama tyres

Yokohama Advan racing treads fitted to this street car Tyre Care Tips

inflated? No? Well, do you know where to find it?


eric roberts‘s insight:

Tyre care is something that we keep harping on about

Looking at some of the tyres that we are removing at the moment. So it is important that we do keep on at the motorists. Hence to check their  tyre pressures. Consequently, this article is about the tyre care tips. Pressures and the effect they have on your cars performance.

We should also give advice about what tyres you should be looking to buy.We recommend Apollo and Nokian.

Because they are good quality. Also can be purchased at a reasonable price . As a result, they are cheap mid-range ones but good quality. Another one of my tyre care tips . Therefore, is to keep away from part worns (re-used)  if possible. Because you simply do not know where they have come from. Naturally, before you purchased them.

At a recent care race meeting at Snetterton in Norfolk. I was lucky enough to witness the power and quality of the Avon and Yokohama racing tyre products first hand. I was very impressed by the efficiency and speed that these two  companies were able to change and service the tyres that were fitted onto these racing cars and also the fact that every one that was used in the races were sent back to the relevant factories. This was for inspection, in order to improve the compounds, not only for the next races but much of the information is used in research and development, that goes into the making of the road tyres that we sell to the public, all this is great to see and i cannot wait for the next meeting for me to attend.

 Clever Tyre Care Tips

Avon has been in the motorsport supply business for years now. In fact it was in 1981 that they decided to start producing a whole range of tyres to meet the needs of most styles and types of motorsport. In fact in my opinion it is this commitment to the car racing side of the business that has kept the Avon name alive in the tyre world, and also informed me of some great tyre care tips.

They make the tyres for vehicles as diverse as Rally-cross right up to the British F3 championships. In fact AVON’s great reputation for quality, consistency and innovation has resulted in the company being the leader in control tyre supply. The race meeting that I visited in Snetterton was in fact an F3 championship event and I was able to see how the car teams were so dedicated in looking after the tyres. The teams had small heated tents to warm the tyres up before a race and there was also a guy with a blow gun skimming the tyre tread area to remove small pieces of grit, little things but very important in the races, and again gave me some tyre care tips.

Tyre Care Tips

Thanks  Eric Roberts…http://www.wintertyres-yorkshire.co.uk/

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