Tyre Care for Lady drivers -(This includes Everyone really)

Tyre Care for Lady drivers

Tyre Care for Lady drivers

Tyre Care for Lady drivers

-Don’t think that because you are a woman you are exempt from checking the tyres on your car and making sure it is running well.

Unfortunately, the first signs of a tyre problem could be significant ! While many drivers notice odd sounds as they drive along ! Indeed or shaky handling during a trip. So, tyres tend to get overlooked . Subsequently, unless your car hits a pothole ! Winding up with a flat tyre. What drivers don’t realize is that tyres are extremely important. Of course in keeping the car under control during a journey. Tyres grip the road and keep your automobile firmly on course. Significantly, tyres need care and attention, just like any piece of your cars equipment. Weekly checks will keep your tyres in good condition. Of course and it really does not take too much of your time. Carrying out this important task to keep your tyres in good condition and  working well.

Tyre Inflation

Firstly, make sure your tyres are properly inflated. Not only will this ensure they will be performing the way they should ! But it will also increase your fuel consumption. translating to money savings for the cars owner. Interestingly, we just love the word savings ! don’t we ladies? To check the Air Pressure on your own, use a pressure gauge which can easily be purchased at just about any car equipment store. Make sure to check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold or wait until 3 hours after you’ve driven to check it. Insert the pressure gauge into valve stem of your tyre. The gauge will pop out and indicate a number which will refer to the tyre pressure. To figure out the recommended  pressure for your tyre, look at the sticker found on the driver’s door of your vehicle or in your owner’s manual.

Tyre Rotation

We’re all for extending the life of a tyre if that means we can defer the expense further into the future. Tyre rotation is one of the recommended ways with which you can get the most out of Tyre Care for Women.  When the tyres are rotated and moved to a different position on your car, this allows them to wear evenly and equally. The recommended  rotation is every 6 months.

Tyre Balance

Now it sounds odd, but wheel Dynamic Balancing is exactly that- after your wheel is mounted, it is checked for areas that are heavier or lighter. Weights are then added to the interior or exterior of the wheel to balance it out. Why do the wheels even need to be balanced, you ask? An off balance wheel can result in wobbly handling of the car or bouncing. This results in uneven tread wear, increased vibration and unnecessary stress on your vehicle. Tyres should be balanced when your purchase new ones, when you have a tyre replaced, or when a weight is dislodged or removed.

Centre less wheel balancing on many French cars is available at many tyre depots. Including Pellon Tyres here in Halifax.

Correct tyre pressures

Significantly, this is one of the most important car care procedures ! Also it is the most neglected. many years ago the motorists would take much more pride in their cars. Consequently, tyre pressures were checked at regular intervals. Probably once a week !

Tyre Care for Lady drivers

We now use sophisticated wheel alignment equipment

As technical as it may sounds,So, wheel alignment is simply adjusting the angle of the wheels. Of course in order for the wheels to work as they are intended. Using proper wheel alignment equipment . Will allow for the correct tread wear . Including allowing the car to travel straight without pulling to one side.

While newly purchased cars have their tyres aligned going out of the factory, you should have your tyres aligned if you have hit something substantial like a large pothole or an embankment, if you notice a difference in the handling of your car from before, and if you notice a wear pattern developing on the outer edges of the tread area.

Regular pressure checks important

Now that you know what to do to keep your tyres working well, do remember that except for checking your pressure, the other items need to be handled by professionals and experts when it comes to all things that have to do with tyres. Just like you know how to keep your teeth healthy, you’re not going to try and fill a cavity on your own, are you? You would want a professional who knows what he is doing to take charge. The same should be said of your tyres. After all, the tyres are what keep your car gripped to the road. You want them to be handled by someone who knows a thing or two about Tyre Care for Women.

Impressively, Point-S has over 160 centres across the UK for your tyre check up. Because they know everything and anything that has to do with tyres. So you know your tyres will be in good hands.

Runflat tyres now a popular original equipment fit on many car models

So, as an update to this article. Recently, a significant safety feature has been added to the motorists choice of tyres. Of course the “Run flat tyres“. As this is just a general tyre safety article, then I dont want to go too deep into these tyres. Importantly, then if your car is fitted with run flats then they should be replaced with the same tyres ! Of course wherever possible. Financially wise they tend to be a little more expensive than regular tyres. However the safety features of these tyres outweigh the price ?

Tyre Care for Lady drivers

Winter Tyres

Many lady drivers live in hilly areas of the country. Of course, winter time can be very cold. With snow and ice a common safety factor. Winter tyres are a good option for increased safety. Halifax here in yorkshire UK is a good point in case ! Winter tyres are usually fitted at the beginning of winter ! November is the most popular time. Like run-flat tyres then winter tyres are a little bit more expensive than regular tyres. However once again they are much safer in winter weather.

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