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Toyota Corolla Rattling Noise-Driver first noticed a Rattling Noise when Setting Off

Toyota Corolla Rattling Noise

1998 Toyota Corolla driver  thought his exhaust had gone

So, this customer of ours had only just bought his Toyota Corolla.  About six months previously in a private sale with no come backs. Of course, he wasn’t very pleased when the car started to rattle. Especially, when he was about to set off on a journey.

toyota corolla new clutch

new clutch ready to be fitted

My customer did not think much of the noise when starting off. Consequently, he just thought that the exhaust needed repairing and carried on using the car. Another few weeks down the line he noticed other slight problems

Sometimes it was difficult to engage the clutch and find the correct gear. Subsequently, he really struggled to force the gear lever and engage the gear. But neglecting the problem, he still did not do anything about it. So, and carried on using his car. Thinking that it was just one of those cars and the problem would go away.

He said that on occasions the car would also get stuck in reverse gear and the car engine was starting to cut out when the gears were stuck in. The guy said that a friend of his told him to check the clutch fluid under the bonnet (hood), but this was OK. He still did not suspect the transmission at this stage and carried on driving the car.

Clutch can be suspect for a few reasons

One of the commonest clutch problems on a Toyota Corolla .Of course,is a seized up clutch cable. Or the clutch linkage may require some lubrication or adjustment. This can show itself up if the plate does not release completely. The clutch may slip if the springs on the pressure plate are damaged or broken. These cars are now sixteen year old ! So, if the clutch has not been changed. Consequently, then it likely that it soon will have to be changed.

The car soon became impossible to drive . Reluctantly, was constantly getting stuck in gear and the engine cutting out. The car was eventually brought to us on the back of a car transporter. Later was brought into the workshop for examination. By this time the Toyota Corolla Rattling Noise vehicle had no drive at all. However, it did not take long for us to diagnose a problem with the transmission, probably the clutch.

The job was assigned to our up and coming clutch specialist Alex.  Who proceeded to strip the car down to inspect the cover. He first disconnected the battery and started to remove the drive shafts. Of course these are the steering parts with the rubber boots at the ends. He then took out the bolts that were holding gear box case to the engine. Subsequently, slid out the transmission so that he was able to inspect the parts.

Clutch plate was smashed to pieces.

He was not surprised to find that the clutch plate was smashed into pieces and was the answer to why the car did not have any drive at all. We replaced the  parts with new LUK

toyota corolla clutch

Toyota Corolla clutch showing a close up of the damage.

parts and rebuilt the transmission connecting all the parts together and finally reconnected the New Car battery.

The  Corolla engine sounded in good shape and Alex proceeded to test drive the car. We can always tell when a job has been a success because Alex had a big grin on his face and it was another clutch under his belt.

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