Rover Street Wise- with a Timing Belt Problem.

I must admit that when I heard about a Rover Street Wise car in to us with an engine problem,

Strangely, I could not remember what one looked like? So, the car is a beefed up version of the Rover 25. But in my opinion the car is far better looking and I think that it made the car more appealing to younger drivers. Consequently, The owner of this car is only in his mid- twenties, so I may be right.

When the car arrived it was 1.4 petrol driven 2003 model. Unfortunately, and the engine appeared to be locked out. The Rover Street Wise differed from the Rover 25. Because the car some additional body panels fitted and a raised height. Unfortunately, the car was said at the time to look a little outdated ! But to the trade’s surprise, the car took off and sold well. Of course, to some people the car was a tough little car and it looked the part too.

The Street Wise was built from 2003 to 2005

Sadly, the last one rolled off the assembly line at the “Longridge Plant“. Since production stopped so many of the cars, known faults have reared there ugly heads. Including a faulty Security Control Unit (SCU). This fault comes in all sorts of forms from. Including, the horn not working or another small electrical item such as the electric windows not working. Significantly, to bigger problems, with the central locking, alarm and immobilizers knocked the car out of commission. If you had such a problem then you were not able to drive the car at all.

rover street wise

Timing belt just visible

Dealers were rubbing their hands ! Charging anything from £700 to £1000 for a new SCU fitting. However the car that we had in was another problem. The owner of the car had lent it to his friend for the day. The friend went shopping and when he got back to the and tried to start it, he heard a loud bang and the engine acted as though it was dead, in fact the engine had locked.

Engine had locked?

This can happen when a car runs out of engine oil, but with this car this was not the case. The AA brought the car to my garage here in Halifax in the UK and Ryan took a look, to see what he could find wrong with the car. The car owner was not one of our regular customers and it turned out that he had previously had a timing belt fitted at the garage where he normally goes.

Suspecting that this might be the seat of the problem we started to take a look at the timing belt area. There was the problem, the engine had locked because the timing tension-er had come loose and the timing belt had jumped three cogs. This had caused the valves on the engine to close. The exhaust valve closed and so would not release the gases or the pressure and so the engine would not turn and was locked.

Owners fortunate not to damage the engine !

The Rover Street Wise owner was very lucky that the valves did not cause any damage to the cylinder head itself as is the usual scenario when a timing belt slips or breaks, it normally makes a mess of the engine and can be very costly, that is why you must replace the timing belt at the times designated by the car manufacturers, and if possible with Rover Street Wise genuine Parts. The guy was very lucky indeed.

The Rover Street Wise owner gave us permission to carry out any work that was required, and he would try to claim off the garage that did the original job, a couple of weeks before.

 Rover Street Wise

Timing markings done in tip-ex marker to align the cogs teeth on the Rover Street Wise

Ryan began the work by removing the other two auxiliary belts (fan belts) and then supported the engine before removing the engine mounting.

He removed the timing belt cover and then marked the sprockets with white tip-ex

So, to mark where the original setting was. Of course, to assess how far one of the cams was out of alignment. Due to the timing belt previously skipping some cogs. He then consulted the auto-data computer program. Significantly, to find he correct settings for this type of engine. Ryan them proceeded to mark-up the correct setting  using a ruler to make sure that the cogs were straight. Then, marking the cogs in the correct position.

Ryan then built the parts back up and the engine then run fine. This is what I enjoy most about owning a garage, the fact that we just do not know what we might get in next. The owner picked up his and his friend was very relieved because he thought that he had blown up his friend’s engine.

Eric Roberts

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