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Independent Garages Favored-70 per cent of motorists prefer independent garages, survey shows – Garagewire

Independent Garages Favored

Independent Garages Favored

Alex working on the Insignia brake job

Independent Garages Favored

There is no doubt that this report only strengthens my personnel views regarding the popularity of Independent garages. Of course , it makes good sense?

In fact most garage owners at a local level were once employees of these giant chains of “motorist centres”. Therefore all we had to do was the opposite of what they were doing. The public car owners are our “bread and Butter” Consequently, this was one of first things that I learned when dealing with our customers cars. So, was to be as honest as possible with them, tell them how it is and be fair with the pricing.

Not all Independent garages are the same but I think the majority are. Otherwise they would not have lasted for so long. As a result i just keep on bumping into the same old faces when I attend a conference or an organised event by a manufacturer.

I dont want to rant on about how a garage should be run, but above all else the customer should be our priority. Not all customers are agreeable. In fact we have one or two horrible people that just keep on coming in and causing us trouble.

Independent Garages Favored

I suppose the good thing is that we know who they are and can treat them accordingly. Before I let my garage be run by a manager, then I used to actually ban troublesome customers. It did not matter how hard we tried we could not please them.

These trouble makers are going to spread the bad word round about you. So, my recommendation is to be as polite as possible and ask them not to come back to your garage. The world is full of trouble makers and you just do not want them in your god reputable garage . Let Kwik-fit or Halfords have them.

In other words work hard with your existing customer base. Your customers will spread the good word on social media and good old fashioned “word of mouth” praises. Large garage chains just have not got the know how and quality staff. Hence, to compete with the way that customers and staff are lovingly cared for by many of the UK’s Independent garages.

Eric Roberts

Toyota Yaris Clutch Problem 70 per cent of drivers say they prefer independent garages over the main dealers, survey findings suggest. The survey, which was conducted by Servicing Stop, asked motorists to voice the benefits of each garage type and praise

Source: 70 per cent of motorists prefer independent garages, survey shows – Garagewire