Manchester United Logo concept tyres from Apollo Tyres

Manchester United logo

Manchester United logo on the tyres sidewall.

As an Apollo tyres dealer here in Halifax, Yorkshire UK, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a few months ago that Apollo tyres would be using the Manchester United logo on the sidewall of a certain size of tyre.

Apollo tyres are tyre partners to Manchester United. For that reason , have come up with great idea of putting the Manchester United logo on the sidewall of one of their tyres. I presume this is to attract the 46 millions of Manchester United fans. These are from all over the world and not just here in the UK.

Group managing director of Manchester United Richard Arnold said, “Apollo Tyres is a leading player in the tyre industry and its rate of growth and development into new territories made it an attractive partner for the Club. With a combined fan base close to 46 million followers in the UK and India, we are confident in providing Apollo with a highly engaged audience, not only to promote its brand, but also to engage and communicate with our fans”.

For this reason, the first tyre to have the Manchester United logo on the sidewall is the 19565R15 91V Apollo Alnac S G tyres. I must admit that the first one we saw was on a customer’s car. This was brought to us for a service.  Up to then I had never heard of the tyre.

Manchester United logo

The impressive Apollo coach complete with Manchester United logo

I do however think it is a great idea. This has been possible to do by using modern tyre manufacturing methods. Naturally, most things can now be put onto a tyre sidewall at relatively short notice.

Apart from the Manchester United logo,

Of course, Apollo are backing local junior football clubs. For that reason, they will build “Go The Distance” all weather football pitches. Consequently, made from recycled tyres in local communities across the UK and India. With the first one situated at Old Trafford. Indeed my manageress Debbie Bastow. Has secured a promise from Apollo tyres to lay a recycled football pitch at her local junior club.  Tingley Athletic, in Morley near Leeds.

Eric Roberts