Supermarket Fuel-Supermarket fuel comes under fire is it truly saving you money?

Supermarket Fuel

Supermarket Fuel

Supermarket Fuel

I must admit that I am not one of those drivers. Hence, who drive miles to fill their cars up at a supermarket. As a result, then I have only filled up in two supermarkets all my life.

In terms of consumer advice. Then I would like to take this opportunity to advise you. Thus, to shop around and look at all the incentives the different supermarkets are offering. Including their petrol offers. Taking advantage of these over the next few months.

Of course I will not be taking my own advice. Perhaps this is because I never do any of the family shopping. In fact we buy most things online. Including the supermarket shopping?

In general though,you should take into consideration not only fuel prices from the supermarkets. But your standard weekly shop price. So as to compare the savings you could potentially make.

I think that I have this thing about not buying from a supermarket. Because, I do not believe in “something for nothing”. This attached article sort of explains my theory. In fact with supermarkets continuously facing off with each other. Thus, lowering fuel prices. Then the consumer should feel the full benefit by receiving the best deal for them.

As a business man, I cannot help feeling that the fuel prices are added onto all the other shopping items. Although I admit that I have no proof of this. Of course it is just a suspicion from a suspicious business man. In any case the pumps are always queuing with drivers eager to get their bargain fuel?

After all we are a free country. So drivers should and will go where think there is a bargain?

Supermarket fuels could be a false economy for motorists, according to experts who claim cheap fuel could end up costing motorists an extra £100 a year. The UK fuel market is subject to strict legal standards,

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