Storage Batteries-The Battle is on for home power storage.

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With the ever increasing amount of solar panels, comes the question of how can we store more of the power that we produce? This is more topical to the home owner who may be isolated from the national grid of the country that they live.

Things though are moving forward, and in recent times it has become possible to rig out a whole island community with its own solar and wind power supply, that is used to charge a giant bank of solar storage batteries. These batteries will store the energy from the sun that is collected by day, and then released into the system when the sun goes down, to power the

Storage Batteries

A modern village with built in solar panels

islander’s houses and businesses.

Individuals have come up with great ideas to form their own electric Storage Batteries system using all types of batteries. In my opinion the best batteries to use are the AGM batteries that are made by Trojan and the America battery company.

Trojan batteries specify their RE Series of batteries and are available in 2-volt and 6-volt sizes and offers brand new features and benefits unmatched in the industry: These batteries are a much tougher version of their other deep cycle batteries especially made for solar panel Storage Batteries and wind turbine power.

US Batteries also make home power storage batteries

Another American company also offer a great range of Deep cycle batteries that are suitable for solar power storage, called simply US batteries. As UK agents for both these brands we can only say that they are the bee’s knees of deep cycle batteries.

Many of the home owners that use solar panels to produce power (and that includes myself), sell the electricity that is produced back the utility companies. As far as I know the system in the USA is different. The utility companies offer variable rates of payment, using different rate plans. They have to draw power from the grid in the afternoon and evening, when the sun goes down. They could keep costs down by drawing from the battery bank instead, and recharging the battery during off-peak hours.

Boat and motorhome users now use solar panels to charge up their batteries

Storage Batteries

Solar batteries for storage on a large scale

The solar panel market has now spread to mobile home owners and boat owners, a walk down any canal in the UK and you will see the solar panels on the roofs of the house boats. These vehicles are not connected to the power grid and therefore require some kind of battery storage, for use at night time, when the sun goes down. The same applies to them as to householders and best batteries to use are the Trojan Batteries and the US Batteries. These batteries cost more but will last a whole lot longer over time, like anything else in life “you get what you pay for”.

What is the future of storage batteries?

Tesla car manufacturers in the USA are looking ahead to the future use of the Lithium-Ion batteries that are used in their cars. Because they are a world leader in this battery technology then one area where Tesla might stand out is in cost. Tesla builds its battery packs from battery cells provided by Panasonic, and is about to do it on a massive scale as soon as 2016 at its massive new factory currently under construction in Nevada, USA.. Such an economy of scale – producing 50 gigawatt-hours of battery capacity each year – is expected to push the company’s car battery costs down by 30 percent. Based on the same technology, and because these batteries can be used in home use Tesla’s home battery costs should come down as well and make them much less expensive, and making them affordable to the other communities of the world who at the moment do not have electricity, countries like Africa, where whole villages still rely on kerosene lamps in the dark of night.

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