Spare Leisure battery-You Should Take Some Spare “LEISURE BATTERIES” On A Long Trip

Post Updated 9th Jan 2014

You need a Spare Leisure battery on land or at sea

When you think about it, it makes sense to carry at least one Spare Leisure battery with you, when you are traveling any sort of distance in your mobile home or touring caravan. I am sure that most sensible thing do is just that and take a Spare Leisure battery with you on their journey. I am of course talking about the people who go off religiously on their annual holidays and vacations,

Spare Leisure battery

As another update to this post i would like to mention the fact that many motor-home owners are now using solar panels to charge up their batteries and i think that this is a great move forward. A spare leisure battery would also be a good idea

touring on land or sailing the seas in their caravans, campervans , RV vehicles and boats.
The silver heads are the ones with the big budgets and have traded up to some wonderful and exotic vehicles that are the height of luxury , but large or small they all have one thing in common; that’s the fact that they all require a portable electric supply.
To keep up with the pace of the development of these vehicles, the manufacturing companies have come up with some great designs and powerful equipment for storing electricity. Our biggest seller at the moment is the 12 Volt Battery 110 amp maintenance free leisure battery that comes with its own carrying handle. This battery comes in single or double terminals, and comes in different shapes and sizes. This makes a great Spare Leisure battery?

The later makes it easy for connecting more than one  or connecting up other electrical items. They are available in a few brand names and comes sealed with a pressure blow off valve. This blow off valve makes them  leak proof but not totally sealed. This one is suitable for fresh water boats, but you would require a fully sealed AGM battery if you were using the boat at sea, this is because salt water and battery acid do not mix and if mixed they give off a poisonous gas.
Other leisure batteries are available and popular in 75 amp, 85 amp,and 100 amp sizes. The sizes depend on the room you have and also how much electricity you require to power your particular vehicle or boat, indeed not all travelers  need a 110 amp battery the other sizes are still very popular.
Going back to the Spare Leisure battery, it will help to ensure that boaters will not get stuck between ports, but remember make sure that you get the right battery for the water that you are sailing in, fresh or salt water. Acid

Just make sure that you  buy the correct Spare Leisure battery for the size of your RV or caravan, and make sure that you do not discharge it too much

Large motorhome ready to roll ?

from a battery will not mix with sea water and gives off poisonous gases.

Also whatever you are traveling in, make sure that you have a good charger, lack of charging,  is what causes many batteries to fail. If they are just not charged enough then the battery will  eventually  fail, this is where a Spare Leisure battery comes in.

There are many things that you need to keep in mind for you to find the correct marine batteries that is most suitable for the type of boat that you are going to be sailing in. One of the things that you have to decide on is whether to buy a portable battery charger or perhaps have one on board your boat all the time. You would not want to get stuck in the middle of the ocean waiting for help if your battery dies out, On board battery chargers will assure you that wherever you go a marine battery charger will always be available for emergency situations. A portable charger on the other hand is a great addition to any boat travel, as you can rest easy knowing that you have a backup if something happens to your on-board charger when dealing with dead batteries.

All the people who do there traveling on land do not have to worry about having to use AGM batteries or not,

Just make sure that you  buy the correct Spare Leisure battery for the size of your RV or caravan, and make sure that you do not discharge it too much, your Spare Leisure battery should not be discharged below 80% of its full capacity, this is thee reason that will cause a battery to fail and need replacing (Always keep a spare battery if possible). Leisure batteries can be bought online at great prices .
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