Smelly Mitsubishi Shogun- Car with smell problems? Brakes blamed but were not the Culprit?

Smelly Mitsubishi Shogun

Mitsubishi Shogun with smell problems

Fortunately, cars with a bad smell problem are very rare! In this case a 1997 Mitsubishi Shogun 3500 petrol model came into us with exactly that problem. The owner said that he could smell odours that he thought were coming from the outside. We went out on a test run!  But typically we could not smell anything that was until the end of the test drive. Ryan, could smell a burning brake pad sort of smell.

Smelly Mitsubishi Shogun

Leaking fuel pipe

Importantly, this vehicle is made in Japan and is classed as a full sized SUV. The Shogun comes in all sorts of names. Depending on which country you are from. So, in our case the British version is known as the Mitsubishi Shogun. In other countries it is known as the Pajero or Montero.

In fact the Pajero is now a common import into the UK market. The Mitsubishi Shogun began life back in 1982, when it was produced in a shorter version, with the full sized version coming out in 1999.

This car is a very robust and trustworthy vehicle. Inclusively, can also be used on or off road! Of course, this is a popular vehicle here in the UK. Especially, for towing the larger caravans. Because of its power and strength. The Mitsubishi Shogun can be prone to some problems. Of course, that are well listed on the internet. But these are not the case on the vehicle that we are looking at today.

Mitsubishi Shogun with smell problems, first the brakes.

The first thing we did was to have a sniff in the front brake area.So, to check for burning smells! Sure enough, we could smell something wrong with the driver’s side front Disc Brakes . To anyone who owns a Mitsubishi Shogun. Of course, they will know that the brakes are not the easiest to do. We had to strip the hub to get at the brake units.

Sure enough we found that the driver’s side brake caliper was seized up. We proceeded to strip down that side for further investigation. The brake caliper was in fact seized up and the pads had worn unevenly and needed to be replaced the discs were worn but OK to refit. After we freed off the caliper we ordered a set of new pads and built the brakes back up.

 Mitsubishi Shogun with smell problems, next a fuel leak

When we lifted the ramp to remove the axle stands we noticed another smell of petrol. This The smell problem that came into my garage was on a 1997 Mitsubishi Shogun 3500 petrol model. The owner said that he could smell odours that he thought were coming from the outside had two smell problems at the same time. The owner had not noticed any fuel dripping

Smelly Mitsubishi Shogun

Shogun leaking fuel sender

in the place where he parked the vehicle. Garage owners will only be too familiar with such double barrel problems, you fix one thing only to find another problem. This was the case with this Smelly Mitsubishi Shogun. Unfortunately, One smell had masked the other smell.  Permission to deal with the fuel leak was given by the Shogun owner.

Brake pipes rotten and leaking

The first thing that we could see wrong was that the fuel pipes were rotten and leaking slightly, but the worst leak was coming from the fuel pump. We priced the job up and a new pump was going to cast more that the guy could afford. Debbie our depot manageress then tried the internet and found a breakers yard in Sheffield that had one in stock. We contacted our customer and he gave us the go ahead to carry on with the work.

Apparently second hand sender pumps are like the proverbial “rocking horse s..t” and so the guy was lucky. After finishing the work off the car went out with the smells both cured.

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