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Safety concerns after second veteran car death

Safety concerns

Safety concerns

Of course, vintage cars do not have to have an MOT test any more. So.I am not suggesting that this is the concern about vintage car crashes recently! Consequently, here in Halifax we have a guy that specializes in vintage cars! Including repairs and servicing,

Importantly, the guys name is John Horsfield. John specializes in the re-building , servicing and general repairs on vintage cars. Significantly, John always has the old cars in to us for an MOT test. Even though the law changed in 2018. SO, stating that these cars were in fact exempt from having a test.

I am sure that this is a good practice that is done by most vintage car owners. So, if nothing else just to cover themselves in case of an accident as in the case of the attached article.

Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

CONCERNS over the safety of racing veteran vehicles have been raised after two deaths in three years.

Source: Safety concerns after second veteran car death | The Argus

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