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Run Flat Tyres Safety
Run Flat Tyres Safety


Run Flat Tyres Safety

So these safety tyres are now standard on dozens of cars. But some experts say they aren’t right for most drivers.

Almost all the major tyre companies now make run flat tyres . But I now know from my own experience. Thus, that drivers, are not that happy with the concept. Knowing that the they always require a new tyre. Hence,             when they have a puncture a little daunting.

Some drivers mainly the older drivers dont like the idea of not having a “proper” spare wheel, and we have indeed had many requests for people wanting to purchase a new wheel and tyre to keep as a spare.


Run flat tyres have been around for a while now?

Run flat tyres are nothing new, but not all motorists accept them? We have customers complaining on a weekly basis at my tyre depot here in Halifax Yorkshire. I must admit that it is mainly the older driver that can’t accept them and has a little moan.

One of the problems is the cost, and the fact that the tyre requires replacing every time that it has a puncture. Because you have to drive on them when it is deflated, then  new run flat tyres  are  inevitable, when you finally have it fixed.

Some customers go to the trouble of sourcing out a new wheel and tyre for the spare, and I must admit that you can’t blame them. One guy has just done that with his Nissan Juke. He was travelling to France and could not bear the thought of not having a spare wheel. Tyres on the continent cost almost twice as much as they do in the UK, but it was the big gaps between services, that put him off travelling without a spare.

Run flat tyres operate with the TPMS system

On the other hand some customers have no problem with run flat tyres; they see it as a safety feature, which is what it really is. The Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will pick up any loss of pressure from your run flat tyres. This is a sign to slow down to 50MPH for 50 mile until the problem is looked at by your local tyre centre.

run flat tyres

Run flat tyres are available in a winter pattern

Will Run Flat Tyres Repair

There was a time when we used to repair them but the problem is that you do not know how much damage has been caused to the tyres internal structure. It is virtually impossible to tell by just looking and so a replacement Cheap Run Flats are the best option and we no longer offer to repair them.

I can understand why some people just do not like the run flat but I am sure that it may have saved many lives. When the tyre deflates rapidly, it does not deviate out of its lane and therefore is not a danger to other traffic thus avoiding a crash. To me that safety feature plus a spare wheel would be the perfect scenario?

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