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Regular Wheel balancing

balancing wheels

balancing wheels in an up to date tyre shop.

    Regular Wheel balancing

     Static balancer

So, like any other man made thing on our planet then someone had to invent a wheel balancing machine. Vehicles were getting      faster and the need to balance wheels became imminent. Wheel wobble became a common problem and in 1945 an American        by the name of Marcellus Merrill invented the the “electronic dynamic wheel balancing system”.

So, I remember at the time when I was a junior tyre fitter. The only way we had to problem with steering shaking was to remove the wheel and place it on a small “static wheel balancer”. Incidentally, the machine had a bubble in the centre. Similar to a spirit level bubble. So, wherever the wheel tilted we would place a lead weight opposite to the tilt.

This was done to the best of our ability but was far from perfect.

Dynamic balancer introduced to the UK

So, I can clearly remember when this new American idea was introduced to the UK. Hence the first one I had to learn how to use was a sit on machine. We would press a revolving wheel on to the tyre while the wheel was still on the car. When switched on the machines drive wheel would spin the vehicles wheel to a great speed. pressing a strobe light would highlight the part of the cars wheel that required a lead weight to be fitted.

I must confess that this machine made the worst noise possible and frightened me to death. Luckily these machines were soon replaced by the stand alone balancers that we now use today. However certain aspects of the Merrill machine have been included in the newer inventions.

Finally balancing is now an exact science and probably eradicated vehicle balancing problems that we were plagued with in the past!

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Source: Extend the Life of Your Wheels with Regular Tire Balancing – Rock Hill, SC

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