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Position on MOT Extension

Position on MOT Extension

Position on MOT Extension

This attached article could bring back some great news for garages across the UK. So, at the moment we can still carry out MOT testing if the customer wants one and believe me many still do! Of course in the first instance then the cancellation of Testing came as a huge shock to me. When I think of all the stress and pressure that we have had installed on us over the years. Because of changing rules including computerisation only to be told that you had to stop testing came as a big shock to me.

Importantly here at Pellon Autocentre we are in the top flight of testing stations in the UK. So, our good work is carried out fairly and completely within the MOT testings structure and rules. The Government have a traffic light system for assessing the work of any individual system giving the station either red amber or the top flight are green.

Here at Pellon we are a green station and carry out strict testing in a fair manner that our customers appreciate.

So, many of our customers are all regulars booking their cars and vans in for the test yea after year. Once again it came to ma as a great shock when the transport department announced that all testing would be suspended for  6 months. This took away 75% of our daily business in one stroke. We had to furlough most of the garage staff in the beginning. However we are back in the swing of things and  are gradually building up to the full staffing levels of pre-lockdown.

Importantly, if they do update their position it will  be one of the best days of my life.Especially with all the stress they have caused me and my family and staff. This lockdown has been a nightmare for millions of businesses that have worked so hard in the past. We have all been knocked back to the beginning and day one.

Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

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