Pollen Filter (Cabin Filter) or Not? Missed out by many garages on services?

Pollen Filter or Not?

Having a pollen filter in your car is a relatively new concept. Firstly, thy were first fitted in cars in Europe in the 1980’s. Of course, the USA already had pollen filters . However,different European countries had different standards. So in their implications.

The original air pollution work which covered different pollutants. Including, aerosol sprays ! Was carried out by a German institute the German laboratory, Fraunhofer… The Institute of Toxicology and Aerosol Research … http://www.item.fraunhofer.de/en.html

pollen filter

Dirty pollen filter after changing

This set the standards for the filtering of pollutants. Including the filtering of pollen and other polluting substances that were pulled into the car. Of course, through the air intakes and required to be filtered out.

The pollen filter is changed when you are having your car serviced

Of course, if you are a pollen sufferer in the Pollen Season (and there are millions out there who are?). Then it would be advisable to have the Air Filters and pollen filters changed. Importantly, at the end of winter or the beginning of spring. This is certainly the worse time for the pollen to start affecting the poor sufferers.

The thing I have also noticed is that pollen can start to affect people at any stage of their lives. So it would be wise to insist that your local independent garage or Unipart Car Care Centre (UCCC) . Importantly, should change the pollen filter at least once a year and preferably at the beginning of spring. Making sure the air entering your car will be as pollen free as possible. Other important filters not to ignore are the Oil and Fuel Filters.

Please don’t forget that this can also affect your passengers. So make sure that the pollen cabin filters are changed. So that they will remove all the allergens. From the imported and contaminated air from outside and act as  Air Purifiers.

Pollen is not the only thing that gets trapped in your pollen filter?

When we remove the old pollen filter, we are amazed at the dirt and particles that the filter picks up, in just 12 months. The cabin pollen filter traps many different things that travel into the car from the exterior via the air conditioning and heating and ventilation system and these can include things like other cars exhaust fumes, bacteria general dust caused by insects and breaking up leaves that enter the front of your car and break up into tiny particles and finally will be trapped in your cars.

If the driver does not change the pollen filter at regular intervals, like I say at least once a year in springtime, then it is possible that air in the car will begin to smell foul and will cause your passengers to inhale fumes and air particles as you drive them along, possibly making them feel ill.

The blocked filter can also restrict the airflow into the cars heating and cooling system often causing problems and needing the help of your garage to spot the problem, a cost that could have been avoided had you changed the pollen filter.

Why Change Pollen Filter

Most filters can be found in easy to access areas through access panels under the cars bonnet (hood), but we operate the Autodata manual that will tell us the exact location of these filters. We also fit an exact filter to the one removed and we use Unipart filters of the same quality as the car manufacturers have used. Another small point is that although your filters should change in spring time a more general guide is to have them change at 12 to 15ooo mile intervals.

Many motorists do not  appreciate the benefits to changing these pollen filters and are not aware of the health benefits of using them, but as I wrote earlier, these things are all scientifically studied are the findings have helped develop the product that we know as the cabin or pollen filter.  

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