Plastic from tyres- ‘major source’ of ocean pollution | The Star, Kenya

Plastic from tyres

Plastic from tyres


Plastic from tyres

In my opinion then the jury is out on this statement. As a result, I am not so sure the tyres contain any plastic, at all. The source of this story comes out of Kenya, Africa. In fact, I always thought that tyres were going to be used to repair the sea barrier walls. naturally, this may be an old or made up story.

I was under the impression, that waste tyres were filled with concrete and used to build walls to keep out the sea.Hence a barrier?. I have seen the recent television programmes showing how plastic carrier bags were causing the “plastic soup” affect. However this is the first time that waste tyres have been part of the blame.

You should read this report and see what you think for yourself, but I am not so sure?. Tyres have been used for many years. To protect the boats from the harbour walls.Hence, old tyres would find there way into the sea.

Eric Roberts

Particles of debris from car tyres are ending up in the ocean as “plastic soup”, conservationists warn.Microplastics from tyres and textiles are a bigger source of marine pollution than the breakdown of larger plastic waste in some areas, says the IUCN.Up to 30 per cent of plastic released into the oceans each year comes from primary microplastics, not the disintegration of larger pieces, a report found.Debris from tyre abrasion and synthetic fabrics are the main sources, they say.

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