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Pirelli Winter Tyres Becoming Popular-Are joining in with the winter and all-season tyre popularity Boom.

Pirelli Winter Tyres Becoming Popular

Pirelli Winter Tyres Becoming Popular


Giant Italian Tyre makers are grabbing a chance to supply the growing popularity of winter and all-season tyres amongst European drivers for winter and all year round use.

Pirelli tyres go for new technology compounds

There is no doubt about it that there has been a massive shift in direction. Regarding the public changing to winter tyres or all-season tyres. Of course, before the winter arrives here in the UK and the rest of northern Europe. Some countries, such as Germany. So, have to fit winter tyres by law. However, the UK relies on common sense from many of its vehicle drivers.

In fact according from figures issued by the tyre industry. Then the number of winter tyres fitted to our vehicles. So, will have doubled between a five year periods of 2013 to 2015. In my opinion Pirelli have not been as active as the could have been.Importantly, in the winter tyre market. However, they now hope to make amends with the Pirelli Cinturato All-Season tyre.


This tyre is also available with the new tyre seal system. Naturally, that ads another safety feature to the tyre. So, by making the tyre practically puncture proof.

This new tyre will have the three snow flake winter tyre marking. So it will be good in the snow as well as a normal wet winter. So, that we would see in the southern European countries. Making the tyre a true all-season tyre. Pirelli Tyres of course has a number of what you could call full winter tyres, as we know them.

Pirelli tyres Scorpion ATR

Other tyres from the Pirelli winter range. Including the “SCORPION™ WINTER” which have been especially designed. So, to fit modern SUVs and CUVs. Of course, for the use of winter motoring. With a special emphasis on the upper end class of vehicle. Including the SUV’s and cross-over vehicles.

The main reason for this Pirelli Winter Tyres Becoming Popular! So, was to control better down-hill braking and cornering in snow. Including, other winter road conditions. Whilst keeping total control of your vehicle. These were especially designed with the larger size tyres. Fitting, to the likes of the BMW and Mercedes people carriers. Helping in bad winter weather conditions.

Pirelli tyre Winter Sottozero series 3

These asymmetric winter tyres has been developed with the high performance and sport car market in mind. The “WINTER SOTTOZERO™ SERIE 111” will guarantee a top performance weather you are driving on dry roads at speed such as on a motorway, or on a snow covered mountain pass, on your way to the ski slopes. Like winter tyres from most other tyre companies .This tyre has a special compound that gives the tyre great flexibility in a temperature of 7 degrees and below, giving the tyre a better grip in the cold and snow.

Pirelli tyres Winter Snowcontrol 3

This will be the winter tyre for the, what I would call the average car, that has to perform in colder climates or say drivers living in hilly and mountainous regions.


This tyre is made in smaller sizes. So, to fit the average cars and I would say that they are a step ahead of the new Pirelli All-Season tyres. For the guy in a more extreme environment. Say the difference between Scotland and the south of England.

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