Pirelli Scorpion Winter-Specially designed for the SUV’s and the CUV’’

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

pirelli scorpion winter

Pirelli scorpion winter

There is no doubt about the fact. That there has been a massive increase in the amount of SUV and crossover vehicles on our roads.In recent times.

Almost every car manufacturer makes this type of vehicle. Some like BMW make several types, from small to large. This in my opinion is the type of vehicle that requires new winter tyres fitting, in November.

Because many of these cars are (or can me) all-wheel drive. Then the customers think that they can be safe when used in snow or icy conditions. This is incorrect?. Most of these vehicles come out on summer tyres as original equipment.

Fortunately people are realising this and are starting go down the winter tyre road. Such vehicles are what are known as the “high end “part of the car market. These are the cars that are fitted out with large wheels and tyre sizes. They have got a big footprint, which is ok in dry summer weather but just the opposite in winter. You can ask any BMW SUV owner about driving their car in the snow and they will tell you how useless they are on normal tyres.

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Enter the Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyres. This tyre along with other tyres in the Pirelli winter range is designed to improve downhill braking and cornering when driving in winter conditions such as ice and snow. The Pirelli Scorpion Winter also dissipates water from flooded roads due to heavy rain, by incorporating circumferential grooves, combined with Directional & symmetric tread pattern design with modular block geometry and sipe layout.

Because, the tyre tread is made of a new tyre compound with innovative materials. Increasing grip, excellent handling and traction on snow and ice. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying these tyres then I recommend that you start looking in October. Consequently, as these are limited due to the low production amount and popularity from the larger models of the SUV owners.

Other models that are worth a look at are the

W240 Winter Sottozero

The W240 is made for the similar models as the Pirelli Scorpion Winter, shown in early part of this article, is also another tyre product from Pirelli for the larger

pirelli scorpion winter

Pirelli-W270 large SUV winter tyre


Eric Roberts