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Peugeot 307 ABS-ABS Problems a common fault

Importantly, as I have stated in other Peugeot 307 related posts that I have written. Then the local garages that are scattered around a main dealership. So, will inevitably get spin off work. of course, when the cars become to age over two years old . Importantly, and out of the care of the main dealer. We here in Halifax are no different! Consequently, the Peugeot is one of our main supplies of business.Peugeot are a popular brand of car in the Halifax area.Peugeot 307 ABS

Of course, I am not complaining.! I happen to like Peugeot as cars. Although they can have many problems. I like the way that the French car company change their models around.Making them interesting to their followers who buy them. One of the commonest problems that we come across on the 307 is brake problems. Especially with the ABS warning lights. The other day we had the pleasure of two Peugeot 307 ABS brake problems.

ABS warning lights are now an MOT test failure.

The first 307 that we looked at were in fact in for an MOT test and was in good condition except for a well-worn tyre and the fact that the ABS brake warning light was on? We contacted the lady customer, who said, “that she wondered what the light was, but just thought it would go out on its own”

The lady gave us permission to see to her car. When the ABS light is on it means of course that the anti-lock function is not working  and one of the most common causes is the ABS sensor or dirty wiring connections, which can include a break in the wiring. These wires are after all hanging in all the dirt and slush and can easily perish and/or break.

We start off by plugging the car into our Solus Pro diagnostic code reader. This will give us a code error, which will usually lead us to the problem. This code came up that we had a problem with an open circuit on the off side rear. We then carried out a hard test with a ohms meter and found a fault on the wiring.

In fact the wiring was broke where it goes to the Peugeot 307 ABS sensor, before the wiring loom. This was a relatively easy thing to repair ad also a low cost repair for the customer, who was very pleased that it was not something more serious. We plugged the car back into our fault reader and re-set the code to clear the fault light and the car passed the MOT test having also a new tyre fitted.

Peugeot 307 ABS

Aaron inspecting 307 ABS system

The second Peugeot 307 with an ABS fault was more complicated

The second Peugeot 307 ABS problem was also left with us to solve an ABS warning light problem, but turned out to be a little more complicated. Once again the car belonged to a lady customer, who had complained about her brakes juddering through her brake pedal, combined with a noise from underneath the bonnet. The lady driver was not one of our regular customers. Because we always check the past history of a car on our customer data base.

She said that the car went into a famous fast-fit centre, who recommended that she had all the discs and pads replaced, which would cost around the £500.00 mark. The customer, wanted us to look at the car. Because she just did not have that kind of money?

We do often get this

But we grit our teeth and just get on with diagnosing the job and telling the driver the truth, whether good news or bad news. This Peugeot 307 car was to have a different ABS problem to the other one. We plugged in the code reader and it and it came up with, “Rear air gap too large” and a fault code. Fortunately we have come across this one before proceeded to check the area at the rear where the Peugeot 307 ABS sensor bolts were connected to the hub.

The hub area corrodes, thickening the steel. Which pushes the sensor away from the magnetic ring. Therefore not making a proper contact which stops a reading. To rectify this all we do is to clean the whole thing up. So, removing any rust and the jobs a good one. We then reset the code with our code reader and cleared the ABS fault light. The lady was over the moon with pleasure.We hope will become another of our loyal customers in the future.

Eric Roberts


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    My abs warning light is on the breaks judder I ‘ve been told it’s a bearing by the drive shaft to do with the and could this be true

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    Stop light stays on and shows batter afterwards report alternator not charging but alternator has been fixed what can be wrong.
    Peugeot 308cc

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