Pellon Tyres now offer 6 Months Accidental warranty damage with Winrun Tyres

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Pellon tyres are Winrun tyre dealers for the Halifax area of Yorkshire UK

After much consideration and a good look at other tyre brands in the market, we at Pellon tyres have decided to offer our customers a better value option. When considering tyres, the customer can now look at an added option.

Tyres (believe it or not) are not always easy things to purchase. Indeed many of our customers look for a balanced budget approach. They only buy what is within their budgets. This is because of the increase in the female drivers that are now buying tyres.

Here at Pellon Tyres,we still have many of our tyre buying customers who will stick to their favourite tyre brands. These are usually middle aged guys with built in preferences, and will stick to the brand that they have always fitted to their cars, Michelin tyres are the most popular, with Continental tyres coming a very close second. This is in Halifax here in Yorkshire UK, other parts of the country will differ.

here at Pellon Tyres we chose Winrun tyres because of the value for money factor. They are excellent quality, for a tyre brand that fits in-between the budget tyre brands and the mid-range tyre brands. The Winrun product was introduced to us at Pellon Tyres, because we are members of a tyre buying group called Point-S.

Pellon Tyres

Point-S has opened up new opportunities for the small tyre retailer. It was previously a European organisation that has now spread to the UK. Winrun was one of the tyre brands that have been offered to us here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax. Indeed we are the sole tyre trader in the area for the Winrun Product.

Apart from the reliability and quality of Winrun tyres we can now offer our customers this excellent accidental damage warranty. This will give the motorist, peace of mind when buying a new tyre. I have included a copy of this warranty on the blog post, so that our customers may read it.pellon tyres

It protects a new tyre under warranty against any irreparable accidental damage caused within six months of purchase. Months of purchase caused within six months of purchase.

The Warranty covers damage and failures caused by defects months of purchase, and/or materials and irreparable accidental damage due to normal use on roads. To make a claim against the Winrun Warranty, please take your tyre/s to the Winrun dealer who supplied you with the tyres for a technical inspection. The tyre/s for which warranty coverage is sought will be examined by the dealer, who will verify whether the warranty is applicable, according to the rules set forth herein. If the warranty claim is applicable, the tyre/s shall be replaced accordingly, and cannot be the subject of further claims.

The full conditions can be seen on our in-house leaflet…

Eric Roberts