Part Worn tyre sellers-going under the Radar when it comes to the “Environment Agency” ?

Part Worn tyre sellers

 Part Worn tyre sellers re stacking old tyres are stacked in the view of the public is this is illegal ?


We are told that the average man spends hundreds of pounds(or dollars).Hence, on car cleaning materials. Actually, I can believe this? one of the reasons being that in the past five years. Thousands of cut price car washing companies have sprung up everywhere. Especially, here in the UK. It has also come to my notice that the same companies are Part Worn tyre sellers


I think that this has been a very clever ploy. Of course, by these small car washing companies . As a result,they have tied up the fact that car owners would rather have their cars washed than buying a decent tyre.

The car wash people have opened up on practically all the derelict main road sites in the country, mostly old petrol (gas) stations. Here in the UK they also Part Worn tyre sellers and second hand cars. I strongly believe that these people actually do things that are not legal.

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Part Worn tyre sellers

We all pass these premises and even probably have our cars cleaned there, but how many piles of scrap tyres do we see stacked up and left outside ?. This is NOT legal.As a result, we also have to store our scrap tyres in a suitable container, hidden away from the public, these are requirements of the law, but it does not apply to these car wash people.

What happens to the dirty water and detergents. Hence, that comes from the cars that are washed ? Surely, the dirty water should be filtered. Before going down the drain ?. I think that if I wanted a car wash that I would have to follow all manner of regulations. Thus, before the local counsel gave me permission . Therefore, it would be interesting to hear other opinions. but hey! Perhaps I am been just a “law abiding citizen”. Perhaps an “old fart”. But some of these car washers/part worn tyre places. Surely, do not look to fit into a modern health and safety Britain.


Are the Environment Agency ignoring this Part Worn tyre sellers developing problem

I also wonder if the EA, “ENVIROMENT AGENCY”regulations are being carried out, once again we tyre retailers are often checked by impromptu visits by the


“EA” to check to see if we have the correct documents and that we are storing and disposing of our old tyres legally, I know that this is not the case with some of these so called car washes who have got piles of old tyres stacked everywhere in the clear view of the public, in fact it looks to me that the old tyres are there to advertise the fact that they are second hand tyre sellers. Also if they openly flaunt the old tyres, then I wonder if they use waste transfer notes in the correct manner, perhaps they do?.

To conclude I think that these car washes should checked out by the EA , to see if they are complying with the law than we would all be in the same “playing fields” regarding the way these places look and work with proper health and safety laws and Environment Agency laws regarding the way that old tyres are stored and disposed of.

Eric Roberts.

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