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Free gift mobility Batteries- for Disabled mobility scooter driver Eileen in Lancashire UK

Free gift mobility Batteries Eileen gets her Christmas gift 2x new 42 amp Free gift mobility Batteries Toronto Star Star readers give gift of mobility Toronto Star The strangers were Star readers, who spotted my column on Christmas Eve and were moved by Daigle’s Dickensian predicament.   eric roberts‘s insight: We  also gave a gift […]


Mobility Scooter Batteries-Will Lithium-Ion batteries Replace Lead Acid Batteries

Mobility Scooter Batteries New help for Mobilty Scooter batteries users The advent of the “Lithium-Ion” battery will be a great relief to many users of the mobility vehicles. The 12 Volt Batteries that are traditionally used in this type of vehicle have always been a problem. Especially for the people that use these machines for getting […]


Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries-This is an important thing to watch out for when buying a battery online

Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries Apollo-Power Maintenance Free batteries and Lucas car batteries require less maintenance This is an important thing to watch out for when buying a battery online. Some companies sell inferior products and claim that their car batteries are MF (maintenance free) When there not. An MF battery will be sealed and have […]


Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries- Absorbed Glass Mat batteries AGM are now a very popular battery

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries Many people think that GEL and Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries are the same Many people buying new golf batteries or mobility batteries. Therefore, believe that the two types of battery are the same. They are very similar.Hence, they are a deep cycle with a low discharge. Because they do not spill […]