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Wheel Alignment-Toeing Out-Tyre wear-Toe in and Toe out cause irregular tyre wear

Wheel Alignment-Toeing Out Wheel Alignment-Toeing Out; settings that are crucial to your tyre wear When having your wheels aligned. (usually after having new tyres fitted). It is important to remember. That the most critical setting is called the “Toe”. If your wheel alignment is out from the correct setting. Thus, by as little as 1/32 of an inch.As […]


Pot-Holes Time Again- Driving over Pot-Holes Damage Your Wheels and Alignment

Pot-Holes Time Again; Eric Roberts explains the importance of wheel alignment on your car. In the North England we experience many vehicle owners wanting (Wheel Alignment), the primary cause for this is Pot-Holes Time Again in the road and speed humps, this can change the automobile’s steering and suspension settings or smash critical parts such […]


Balancing wheels-Gives you a smooth shake free ride in your car

balancing wheels after a new tyre is fitted When we fit new tyres here in our tyre shop in Halifax Yorkshire, we always balance the wheels. Even if the wheels are steel wheels or alloy wheels, we still balance every one. Balancing wheels ensures that your car will drive along, with a perfectly smooth and […]