But in general the all-weather tyres are great for all year use and much safer for driving on rain soaked motorways.

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 275/35 R20 102W tyre specifications, review and features

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4

Tyre Michelin Pilot Alpin PA 4 275/35 R 20 102 W specs, price, review. Michelin tyres for cars.


Not many Michelin Pilot Alpin PA 4 customers here in Halifax UK

As many of my readers will know. I am a big fan of almost everything that Michelin tyres produce. Including products they have produced over the years. Therefore, I think that this could be something to do with the fact. Hence, that the Michelin Pilot Alpin was developed with the larger luxury car in mind. As I have said before, Halifax ix a small market town in Yorkshire UK .Therefore does not have that many wealthy people who would buy such luxury cars.

Tyre retailers in say Leeds and York. of course,  do get a larger share of the BMW’s and Porsche’s as we do in Halifax. With this in mind, we do see some of these famous marques in our area. Of course, we have also fitted a few Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres to these type of cars. The drivers that bring this type of car into us for their tyres. are people that trust us with these valuable machines, we do not scratch their alloy wheels, that sort of thing.

The customers who use us also give us good feedback, I have been a tyre retailer now for 40 years and it is surprising how they like to chat to me especially about their tyres, the people with these types of luxury cars are usually very knowledgeable about their cars and so like a chat.

One particular guy owns a business that supply wall insulation and also installs it into buildings.

His business does very well. Consequently, he likes fast, sporty cars. So, his latest car is a Porsche. Fortunately for us, he came to us for a set of winter tyres . So, to fit his Porsche car. For this reason, he was visiting friends in Germany and he normally drives in his Range Rover in winter, but he decided to give the Porsche a run out.

Like me the guy is a very big fan of Michelin tyres, in fact he will not have anything else on his car. He insisted on a set of Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres. The guy’s name is Richard, but the tyres he wanted were not available in the UK. We have some good connections and suppliers in other European countries and so we had a ring round.

To my surprise I found out that Michelin make these tyres in two different tread pattern designs, the asymmetric and the directional. At first I thought that there some kind of mistake as I found this very unusual?. Sure enough when I rang Richard he did know about this and wanted the asymmetric pattern that was recommended for the Porsche models.

Michelin pilot Alpin in two distinct pattern types

When I checked this out with Michelin. They told me that they thought that both Tyre Tread designs had their own successes. Achieving, the end desired result for both types of tyres. Both tyre designs are subsequently, made from what Michelin Pilot Tyres call their Helio-compound rubber mixture, compound 3 G. Which is a compound that is made from sunflower oil and silica and traditional rubber. Giving the tyres more flexible sidewalls. Therefore a better gripping tread surface in cold weather. Especially at temperatures bellow 7c .

Indeed the new MICHELIN PILOT ALPIN has two different tread patterns.

The reason is that we worked simultaneously in two parallel ways: one is made in collaboration with Porsche, the second one in a more common way. The two solutions have succeeded to achieve the desired result. Both of tread patterns respond perfectly to the “ridge-n-flex” philosophy and use the same elements but in a slightly different way.

We finally received and fitted Richards and off he went to Germany with his new Michelin Pilot Alpine tyres fitted.

Another customer that fitted these tyres said that it was the first time that he had bought a set of winter tyres. But he now feels that he can fully measure the benefits. Especially in treacherous weather conditions. Winters are  the difference between getting home safely, or getting stuck in snow.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

General Altimax Winter Tyres

General Altimax Winter Tyres-arctic tyre review in snow presented by Pellon Tyres

General Altimax Winter Tyres

General Altimax Winter Tyres

These tyres are little known here in the UK. They are in fact owned and made by the giant Continental Tyre company. Pellon Tyres in halifax are a well known General tyre retailer. Including, the winter tyre range from general. As expected, we recommend this product and thus welcome self made videos.Especially, about the way that these winter tyre behaved in bad weather. Including, snow falls. So far the UK has not seen much snow. In Halifax we had a snow fall early on in the year. Since then things have been quiet on the snow front.However, according to the BBc. A reputable supply of weather predictions. We can expect a heavy snowfall this weekend.

My regular readers will know that I am exceptionally keen on my customers fitting winter tyres.Whatever, brand they may be. Snow tyres are much safer to fit on your vehicles.Including, the larger vehicles such as SUV’s, Crossovers and even the regular working vans.

Eric Roberts  General Winter Tyres– The text bellow accompanies the video.

Review during winter storm of general altimax arctic tires.

Reading Your Tyre Sizes

Reading Your Tyre Sizes-How to Read a Tyre Size & Understanding a Tyre Sidewall –

Reading Your Tyre Sizes

Reading Your Tyre Sizes

This video is brought to you by Toyo Tyres. Of course I fell out with Toyo a couple of years ago. However, I still sell Toyo tyres through a third party tyre broker. Of course, whatever business you are in you “never cut your nose to spite your face”. Understanding the letters and numbers on your tyre sidewall can be a bit confusing. Tak. one of Toyo Tyres technicians,gives you an insight. Thus about how to read a tyre size.As a result, Taks simple explanation addresses all the different specifications. hence, that are written on your vehicles tyre. Of course, the sidewall also contains a couple of key features:

  • Tak looks at Tyre Size 255/35/R18 109V
  • The “255” in the first part of the tyre size represents the section width of the tyre.
  • The “35” represents the tyres aspect ratio or height.
  • The “R” stand for Radial in tyre construction
  • The “18” stands for the wheel diameter in inches.
  • The “109” is the load index and represents the tyres maximum load capacity at maximum inflation pressure.
  • The “V” represents the speed rating which is the max allotted speed of a tyre.

For those looking to get some advance knowledge about all the information a tyre can present there is the DOT tire identification number (TIN).

An example of a TIN would be DOT CX91 XX31309

  • The “CX” represents the factory code or where the tyre was manufactured.
  • The “91” represents the size code.
  • The “XX3” represents the options code. The last four digits on the TIN represent the week and year when the tyre was made.

So for instance “1309” means the 13th week in the year 2009.

Reading Your Tyre Sizes

Another piece of information. Naturally, contained on a tyre sidewall is the maximum load capacity. The max load displays a weight at a certain PSI. But this is not the recommended tyre pressure that you should inflate your tires to. Instead follow the manufacturer recommended tire pressure setting as seen on the inside of a car’s door jam.

Hopefully this video can give you some insight on how to read a car tyre.

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TyreSafe Explains Winter Tyre safety

TyreSafe Explains Winter Tyre safety- Another video from the Tyresafe series of safety videos

TyreSafe Explains Winter Tyre safety

TyreSafe Explains Winter Tyre safety

This is the time of year when we in the tyre trade, hammer the public with winter tyre facts. Of course, I am certainly no exception. Hence, I am also convinced that road accidents increase during the long dark nights, combined with bad winter weather. Because every day we hear about road accidents closing motorways and generally giving the motorists a hard time.

I am also convinced, that we are all responsible, for looking after our cars and preparing them for the winter to come. Who knows what the winter weather will throw at us? As a result, one of the important things that we as responsible drivers ,can do is to fit winter tyres onto our cars. We have all seen the carnage and confusion that a heavy snowfall can bring.

TyreSafe Explains Winter Tyre safety

here in Halifax the first thing that happens, is gridlock. Pellon Tyres is situated on a hill. Therefore, when it snows for the first time. The traffic starts to slow down. As expected the buses are the first to slow things down. Hence, the cars following the buses, begin to skid. Every thing grinds to halt. Sometimes the snow may stop and other times it carries on through the night.

The next day we grit our teeth and get ready for the onslaught of drivers wanting to buy winter tyres. I am not complaining, but I do wish that they would give a little thought and fit winter tyres in advance of winters arrival. Wishful thinking I suppose.

Eric Roberts

This is the text that accompanies the video

Wet roads, cold temperatures, snow and ice can all contribute to potentially dangerous slip ups such as loss of grip aquaplaning and longer stopping distances. See how winter weather tyres can help keep you safe in these conditions with demonstrations from TyreSafe.org

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres-Winter tyres continental TS850 snake pass Peak District in the snow

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres

My wife was filming this demonstration how affective winter tyres are on our golf mk4 I got 4 rims from a scrap yard. people spend thousands on four wheel drive I spent £270 all in. There was about 7 vehicles abandoned some all smashed up.

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres

Of course, this is a great video. Hence it was filmed here in Yorkshire. As expected, the video is a real time film, shot by a normal guy. As a result. of the success of the winter tyres, he decided to load it on Youtube.

here at Pellon Tyres in halifax,Yorkshire, UK we are beginning to see our customers arrive to fit their winter tyres. As expected, many of our customers, take advantage of our “tyre hotel” facilities. In fact, the tyre hotel has become so popular that that we have had to turn customers away.because of the lack of storage.

This is also a time when we have had three mild winters in a row, here in Halifax. Naturally, we never know from year to year what the weather is going to be like. So for this reason winter tyres are still popular in the eyes of our customers. In fact this year we are keeping a larger stock of winter tyres, than ever before. Hence, we have found that tyre manufacturers have increased their interest in making new winter tyre designs.

Winter Tyres-Pellon Tyres-Hundred of winter tyres now in stock

So, i think that this is because of the demand of the public, to fit winter tyres for safety reasons. Of course, it is not usually possible to get to work, without winter tyres on the advent of snow falling.

Therefore, gone are the days when drivers could ring into their boss and say that they were not coming into work because it was snowing badly. This is now not an excuse. Winter tyres are widely available, making driving in snow possible and safer than it has ever been.

Eric Roberts

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes-Most cars are very similar to this 2001 Odyssey – EricTheCarGuy

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes

How to Replace Drum Brake Shoes, 2001 Odyssey – EricTheCarGuy


The reason for showing this video. Hence, is to show our customers at Pellon Autocentre, here in Halifax UK.So what is involved in repairing their cars brake shoes. One of our loyal customers, owns a Honda Accord, 1980 model. The car is in great condition. Of course, cars can break at any given time. Thus this is what happened to Joe.

Joe, had been experiencing squeaking noises coming from the back of his car. Especially when he braked hard. Of course, the noise started off at a low pitch. But the noise became much loud with time.

Brake shoes were always known to be noisy. Fortunately, shoes are being replaced with discs and pads, even on the rear of cars. In my opinion discs and pads are much safer and efficient, than brake shoes. We got Joe to bring us the Handa in. Naturally, we put the car on a ramp and removed all the wheels, to check the condition of all the Hondas brakes.

It is no good just checking the rear brakes, we always check out all the cars brakes.

Replacing Drum Brake Shoes

Sure enough, the rear shoes were well worn and covered in brake dust. The shoes on the rear do not work as hard as the front brakes. But like anything else they do need changing in time.

This video explains about the things that we have to do to replace the brake shoes. Joe had his shoes replaced and went on his way yet another satisfied customer.
Well here it is kids another offering of my most popular subject to date, drum brake servicing. I know it’s long but I’ve put a few extras in it for you that I hope you will like and will help you with other things besides just replacing the shoes. Feel free to comment on anything I might have missed, I know I misspoke on a couple of occasions in the video, forgive me as sometimes my mouth says different things than my brain is thinking.

Apply a small amount of grease to the two 8 x 1.25 mm bolts and use these bolts to remove the stubborn Brake Drum. Two turns at a time. You may want to tap with a Rubber Hammer to help release the Brake Drum. After the Brake Drum is removed, Study the REAR Brake Anatomy.

Visit me at EricTheCarGuy.com


Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not EricTheCarGuy.

How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted

How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted-This video explains what we do when replacing Discs and Pads

How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted

2-How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted

How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted. This video gives our customers a good idea, about how we fit their brake discs and pads. Thus you can also, learn how to replace your brake discs and pads onto your own car. For this video then most cars will be similar to this Ford Ranger, that the work is demonstrated on. After watching this you will be able to change your own brakes and possibly save hundreds of Pounds. We do however recommend that you have such important jobs, such as brakes. Are carried out by reputable garages.

Discs and pads are probably one of the most common brake problems. Thus, this includes, brake jobs carried out here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK. The most common complaint from our customers, is a “grinding noise”. Of course, usually front the front of the car. The noise is sometimes terrifying, with customers abandoning their cars. because of this we very have to get the vehicle recovered and brought into our garage.

3-How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted

The “grinding” is often caused by the brake pads.Consequently, these pads are so worn that they are down to the metal part of the pads.This causes the pads to grind together with the metal discs and make horrific noises. In most cases, it is a relatively simple job for us to carry out. We replace the old damaged brake parts, with brand new quality parts. Quality is important to us. Because we are members of Motor Codes. Motor Codes are now combined with trading standards. This ensures that our customers are supplied with the best service and parts. Customers have also a better complaints system. Thus this protects the consumer from faulty parts and workmanship.

If we are checking your brakes and come across any other problem with the brakes. Then we will contact the customer, with a new pricing quote. We will never carry out unauthorised work.

Eric Roberts

twitter-eric roberts@ericrob12223038



Replacing Brake Pads

Replacing Brake Pads-How we Replace Your Car’s Brake Pads here at Pellon Autocentre.

Replacing Brake Pads

Replacing Brake Pads

Replacing Brake Pads is a regular mechanical event here at Pellon Autocentre, in Halifax UK. For this reason, we always inspect the state of our customers brake pads. Especially, when we are fitting new tyres. Accordingly, we inspect the brake pads any time that we can and whenever we remove the cars wheels. This is because brake pads are extremely important. Of course, they are the part of the car that stops you when the brake pedal is applied.

Brake pads are a great invention. They are very efficient and reliable and of course stop your car. Because we are always checking our customers brake pads, then we feel that we are contributing to road safety. in fact on many occasions, we are thanked by our customers for showing them their worn out pads. It is very rare that a driver does not have the brake pads replaced.

Replacing Brake Pads in the garage

Thus, we are thanked  many times for pointing the problem out to drivers. This video is also useful to drivers that like to do their own car repairs. As the owner of the business, then i would not recommend repairing your own brake. However, many drivers are capable of this and i have no problems with drivers doing their own repairs. Brake pads are fairly easy to change.

Replace your brake pads with the Saturday Mechanic, Ben Wojdyla. Learn how to do it yourself with his step-by-step car repairs and upgrades.

Say so long to squealing, worn-out brakes. Associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla puts a VW Rabbit up on the lift at Pop Mech’s Detroit garage to show you step-by-step how to:

* Remove calipers
* Retract pistons
* Inspect and install discs and pads
* Remove excess fluid from the reservoir.

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Follow Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla as he leads viewers, step by step, through repairs and upgrades on the Saturday Mechanic show. Got car questions? Email Ben, and he may answer them on the air. Extra links:
Lang Caliper spreader: http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/products/7-handy-new-shop-tools-from-sema-2011#slide-7


Winter Tyre Safety Check

Winter Tyre Safety Check-For tyre advice before the approaching winter comes.

Winter Tyre Safety Check

This time of year is when the Summer holidays are coming to an end. For this reason, tyres will be the last thing on motorists mind. Because here in the UK, in a couple of days summer will be officially over. For this reason, we should be looking forward to autumn and winter.Of course, many drivers do not like winter. However some drivers do like winter, This includes me.

I must admit, that the autumn and winter period, can be a busy time for my business. Accordingly, we sort of pray for cold weather to start early. Of course, we sell tyres and batteries. Cold weather brings us sales, and we all watch out for the first snowfall.

It is a good time of year to think about the safety of your family. You could do this by checking your tyres at regular intervals, and as winter approaches. Unpredictable weather and increased traffic volumes make the winter driving highly dangerous period on our Uk roads. Although the weather has been fairly dry and sunny. Naturally, it will not be far off more rainy weather. This brings standing water, with rapidly changing weather conditions.

  Winter Tyre Safety Check

High speeds, driver fatigue and frantic traffic on those winter days, can make winter driving a dangerous proposition. This is also a time of year, when the days are much shorter and darker. Remember, your tyres are what is in contact with the road. They connect driver and destination. A simple tyre safety check can dramatically reduce risks, save drivers money and potentially be the difference between a pleasant journey and a dangerous accident.

Checking your tyres takes just five minutes, and can be done at home or while filling up at the petrol station before heading away.

Follow these easy steps.

1. Check tread wear making sure to turn the steering wheel to view the inside edge and check the tread wear indicator.

2. Do a visual inspection of each tyre for damage to the sidewall or tread. Look for bulges or punctures.

3. Check inflation pressure of each tyre – including the spare – matches figures in the service manual.

2001 BMW 325 Lower control arm

2001 BMW 325 Lower control arm- bushing replacement and replacement Suspension arm

2001 BMW 325 Lower control arm

In this video, I am replacing the lower control arm bushings on a 2001 BMW 325i. The owner complained of a clunking sound coming from the front end while driving over rough pavement and when applying the brakes.

BMW 325 Suspension Arm-2001 Convertible with a rear wheel listing badly

Are suspension problems fairly common these days? The main culprit is “potholes” in the road. Cars can’t avoid them, especially in the dark. The BMW 325i was no exception.

The car was 2001 silver convertible. The guy had noticed one of the rear wheels protruding more at the top, than the bottom. The most common suspension fault on these models, is the inner bushings become soft and worn out. This allows the whole arm to move about.

The car can become unstable. The bushes problem is also responsible for camber problems and vibrations from the rear. Instability at the rear is the main dysfunction. Causing the car to feel unstable, due to the suspension arm moving.

2001 BMW 325 Lower control arm

Another problem can be, the tabs on the outer ends of the rear suspension arm are worn away. Consequently, the camber adjuster (on the outer bushing) will not be secure. This problem is because the “through bolt” bolt for the outer camber bushing not being fully tightened. Both these fault symptoms give the same

2001 BMW 325 Lower control arm

Damaged BMW suspension arm

instability and balancing results when the BMW 325i is driven.

The repair of these problems is fairly easy to carry. The old bushes can be removed and replaced with new ones.

The BMW 325 Suspension Arm problem on this car ended up slightly different. The BMW had hit a large hole in the road. Subsequently, the car bottomed out. Damage caused to the BMW 325 Suspension Arm, was unrepairable.

The customer was informed about the repair costs. After permission from the driver, Dale one of my mechanics proceeded with the work. Another shock came from Dale after the wheels wee removed. The BMW also needed a full set of rear discs and pads.

The work to the BMW finished on time, and the customer went home happy, but a little lighter in the wallet.