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Nokians AA Rated Tyres

Nokians AA Rated Tyres

Nokians AA Rated Tyres




From the 1st November 2012 it will be a legal requirement. Hence, for all new tyres to feature one of the new tyre labels as required by European Regulation No
1222/2009. The intention behind these labels. So, is to give customers more information about the performance of each tyre. It covers three areas –

  • wet braking, which gives you a guide to how safe the tyre is
  • rolling resistance, offering a guide to fuel consumption; and external noise.
  • The labels are very similar to those found on household appliances such as washing machines, and should be easy to understand.

The tyres will be graded by each manufacturer or importer (where tyres are coming in from outside the European Union.).

Of course, to a strict testing system, and each country will be responsible for ensuring that the testing is carried out to the correct standards. Tyre manufacturers have already begun this process, so how are the tyres tested for each aspect of the label?

These new tyre labels are likely to encourage consumers to put more thought into the tyres they purchase. Thus, and tyre manufacturers to put more effort into improving the performance of their product. In time this should improve the safety of our roads

  • by reducing stopping distances
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions (by reducing fuel consumption)
  • reduce the noise that traffic produces.
  • Overall this should result in a definite improvement of our environment.

Consequently, the new EU tyre labelling regulations make things much clearer for the consumer.

Previously the only way to age a tyre or tell the age was on the tyre sidewall. Instead of just the technical information on the tyre side wall. So, the new label give more useful information on fuel efficiency, wet weather capability and the tyres external noise level. Which of course is worth teaching our customers about. So, simply put, an “A” rated tyre will stop a lot quicker in the wet than a G rated tyre.

When tyre labeling first came out then some of us were dubious about its real use. The system was set up as a self governing exercise. This meant that tyre companies could sort of mark up the grading to make the tyres better than they really were. Further on in time then I do think that tyre standards are improving. In fact some tyre manufacturers now make Double “A” tyres with a low noise level.

Nokians AA Rated Tyres

These include Dunlop and Goodyear, but to my surprise Nokian tyres now make an SUV tyre with an “AA” rating The new AA-rated Nokian e Line 2 summer tyre ensures reliable top performance under all weather conditions. The precise driving feel and optimal comfort.

Eric Roberts

Tyre lab


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