New Greener ECO TYRES-are not getting any more popular ?

Re-manufactured New Greener ECO TYRES are better than Part worn tyres

As a tyre dealer (retailer) for many years. I have seen many changes in the industry ! Not least the rise and fall of the re-manufactured products for cars and vans.

The fall of this product came when we (the UK wholesalers) started importing cheap products from China. Including other eastern countries. This made the price gap between the new and retreads shrink. Subsequently, consumers and tyre retailers swung towards buying and selling new tyres. Because of this many re-manufacturing plants here in the UK were forced to close.

New Greener ECO TYRES

Enter climate change

This went on for many years! But companies were still making truck and bus New Greener ECO TYRES. Including large companies such as Continental. Here in the UK, Kingpin were continuing to manufacture the greener tyres.

One of the possible solutions was an increase in tyre re-manufacturing. Not all old tyres are suitable for making New Greener ECO TYRES from. In fact only about 17% of these old ones can be re-made into new ones.

What are re-manufactured ECO  tyres ?

New Greener ECO TYRES
New Greener ECO TYRES;part of the rebuilding tyre process

To put as simple as possible the “carcass” or old tyre is buffed back .Of course to its original state as if it was a new carcass. The tyre is then thoroughly inspected. Of course, and only the best quality are used to make the new tyre. This is where the green ECO part comes in. The old one is re-used and has now been re-cycled into another one. The tyre is them remoulded to make a another tyre.

The standard of manufacturing must comply with the same standard as a new ones.

This makes the ECO tyre into a much greener alternative, and another premium point is the cast . This reduces the cost to consumers of about 10% and because of the high standards of manufacture, they are much more safer than using unregulated part worns . These are used on many high profile vehicles including London taxi cabs and Airlines, yes when you go on holiday the plane that you fly in will probably be landing and taking off, using re manufactured products or otherwise known as New Greener ECO TYRES that you can buy for your car… More reading

Despite the relatively low market penetration of re-manufactured tyres, their potential market impact remains high. One of the major issues relating to their use is that user perception of re-manufactured tyres is one of second rate quality. In fact re-manufactured tyres in the UK are as good as new, as they must comply with standards that equate to those imposed on new tyres. One of the major vehicle sectors that use re-manufactured tyres is the taxi market. Even here many operators only put remoulded tyres on the rear of the vehicle because it is

Eric Robert

Eric Roberts

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