National Tyre Safety Month

National Tyre Safety Month – October-PSNI shows you how to check your tyres are safe for the road

National Tyre Safety Month

I find it very scary to see the condition of the old tyres that we now take off for replacement.As expected, during recent tyre checks we have noticed more vehicles with tyres that are in a dangerous condition. Car drivers live a busy life.Because of this, we  are aware that sometimes this is due to a lack of knowledge on the driver’s behalf. With this in

Education has always been the answer. Therefore, with this in mind, Traffic Police have made a short video.Consequently, this is to assist motorists when checking their tyres.To be able to understand more about the condition and how to correct them, please take a few minutes out. Thus we want you to watch the National Tyre Safety Monthvideo.

For this reason, this video not only delivers an important safety message. But also shows you what to look out for when checking the tyres on your car.For this reason, you should feel free to share the video with your friends and loved ones. We here at Pellon Tyres hope that it will help us make this Winter a safer one.

Remember October is National Tyre Safety Month! Thank you.