Motorhome Load Ratings-A look at which tyres you should fit to your Motorhome.

Motorhome Load Ratings

Motorhome Load Ratings

Motorhome Load Ratings

With many thousands of motorhome owners now driving across Europe. Then I thought that I would take a closer look at types of tyres that fit these vehicle. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind. Is the many different shapes and sizes of the different motorhome brands.

As a result, they range from small home conversions from regular vans like the Ford transits up to the much larger vans that we could probably live in. Hence, made by the German company “Hymer”. A good reference list of different models can be found at-


Motorhome Load Ratings-All tyres have load ratings

Anyway, back to the tyres. To begin with, all tyres have a load rating. So, the tyres load rating is related to the maximum weight that your tyre can carry. For example, in this case 108 would refer to a load capacity of 1000 kg. Most passenger cars load indexes range from 62 to 126. it is therefore possible to even over load your car? Although this is extremely unlikely. Because regular tyres have a higher load rating than they probably require.

Unfortunately, not for motorhomes though. In my opinion it is possible for the owners to cut corners and fit cheap tyres that are unsuitable. There are charts available for motorhome owners to check their correct load ratings. the best one that I have seen is on the excellent tyre safety site TyreSafe. org. Hence, this link will help you the motorhome owner to fit the correct tyre with the correct tyre loading.

In fact the reason that I wrote this blog was because today (Saturday 2nd Dec) we had a customer call in for four new tyres fitting on his large motorhome. As a result, he too was not sure about his tyres load ratings. Also he wanted to know if he had to buy special motorhome tyres that are available from a couple of tyre manufacturers, Michelin and Continental . or could he fit van tyres.

Motorhome Load Ratings-Special camper tyres are available

Motorhome Load Ratings

Michelin make the Agilis Camping Tyres and Continental make the Vanco Camper tyres. Both these brands make top class tyres, but the truth is that you dont have to fit special tyres branded as “Camper tyres”. So you can in fact fit “van tyres”. The main criteria is that you chose the correct size. Thus, by replacing the new tyres with the same size that was fitted as original equipment. Also you fit the correct load rating. In fact once again the same load rating as your old tyres have on. Of course you could fit a slightly bigger load rating, but the same one is adequate.

Customer contacted Fiat

Just as an after thought the guy contacted Fiat who were the makers of his motorhome and they agreed with me that it was OK to fit the correct size and load rated van tyres. As a final note some motorhome owners just want to buy the Michelin’s or Continentals and other are quiet happy fitting van tyres. In my opinion there is not much difference and if you fit van tyres you will be saving some money.

The consequences of fitting the wrong tyres can be frightening. If the same size car tyres are fitted to a motorhome. Of course, then many problems could occur. So, depending on the load rating differences. Problems from premature tread wear to bad tyre cracking and then complete blowouts are possible. van sidewalls are far stronger than car sidewalls?

This problem is more common on regular vans. Van owners buy a nice set of alloy wheels for their van and fit regular over sized  car tyres onto the wheels. Subsequently, we have known the car tyres to completely blow out when the van gets loaded. Another common problem is that the tyres wear out very quickly. This is due to the wrong load index of the tyre that are fitted.

Lastly, the same can happen to motorhomes and ruin your journey, So please for safeties sake buy the correct tyres for your vehicle whatever it is?

Eric Roberts